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Battle Of The Gods

rated 2.45 / 5 stars
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Apr 12, 2004 | 10:54 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Decent... I think. Please LEAVE REVIEWS.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

sorry man...

bad graphics, horrible sounding quality (especially when he did his huge battle scream thing he sounded like he was either posessed by demons, or having toilet problems), the story was also screwed up. First off when you gave it the name battle of the gods I was expecting something epic, but you didn't come through. The battle wasn't that intense, and as many have said already there were no robots or people who even mildly resembled them, when you told the story I was hoping for something sci-fi or futuristic looking, but you failed there too, they were just out in a field. It actually looked like they were at a construction sight for an office building and fighting to the death over the land (a couple rich guys in sights versus a couple blue-collar looking guys, it was kind of funny actually). Unfortunately this flash doesn't do much for me, but you definately have some talent and potential, keep trying, and better luck with your other ones.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


so the world has been taken over by millions of robots.anddd there are 2 dudes one with a suit and tie and a fat one with shorts and a shirt. soooooooooo u wonder why there not dead yet. and cmon wtf its like dbz with gayass motion tween.and that dudes black not a robot crazy fool. didnt even bother watching it all


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good work

I´ll begin in high expectations on this movie I dont´t know why but let´s see here I´m clicking on it right now…Wait a minute here
I´m going to try something new (atleast for me) I´ll begin on 10 on everything and if anything is bad I´ll drop a point
I think that should do it! Then let´s begin oh a preeeeeeeloadeeeeeer…A ordinary one, gray and it´s from NG but you put a picture
On it and it´s not that ugly that pic only makes you want too see it more and faster I think Well let´s play “battle of the gods” let´s see if it has great awesome graphics or terrible graphics and let´s see if the story is sucky sucky for a long time or good.
My expectations is high (10), (start) Well I´ll be damned it is A STORY TEXT that I hate more than anything, no I´m just
Kidding let´s see the text I slow reaaaal slow here and it is white!!!! Why not blue text with discolamps on the sides.
I mean why c´mon!!!! Okay the story is easy and nicely throwed up I´ll give that an 8 for now let´s keep watching it.(robots one man 32 blablabla)
Oh!!?? What what is this? Oh I fell asleep oh I´m reviewing a movie on my own “Erreway” oh the text stoped now let´s see.
WAIT WAIT maybe a storyteller would be fun? Don´t you think or some music, because this text makes a great difference on the movie I think. Oh I was a little tired there I did´nt see that last word was it “bots” yeahyeah sounds fine to me.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????????!!! “You think you´ll actually beat him this time”
Said a guy with bad graphics and thiingssss. Hahha very funny you have a 10 now hehehe :).
It is only one way to find out!!! Fatie?? That´s something ey?? Yeah too many faces I see here 5! Voices??Wispering??? 3!!
Music?? 5!!!Yeah now everybody fights everybody so I´ll just see the movie now and then I will say what I think! Goodbye until my last points will be served!!! MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
(I don´t even understand my system I think I´m lying on a five..)

Ahaaa mysterious storytellers ey?......... looks like the beginning of Once upon a time in meksicccccco or something like that :P.
Oh dirty enemy gets h**** by matrix punches?

What??? Find out later? What is this… Oh anyways I think that the movie is to short I wanted to write more, and I´ll just say to you know that I´m to lazy right now to follow my own rules so sorry if I´m writing some strange stuff I thought this movie was okay though it will get a 5 from me hehehehehe it could have been so much better but you´re in the right track someday maybe you´ll be great!But work on the following things on your movie next time.
(don´t mind that :S??!)
Okay this is what you need to read I´m really tired this week so just take this one ord seriously because I thought this was okay
And you´re going to be gooder (damn that´s not a word)

Skip everything else and read this!!!
( sorry for misunderstanding and misspellings to tired to correct it but you wanted reviews and here is another:)

Good work!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Wasnt bad

You need to do some backgrounds and maybe make everything smoother, other than that it was watchable good look on the next 1


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

it was ok

you have some style but you need to make the animation less choppy