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[ OLD GAME/MOVIE, -Kenney ]

Since you already know I'm working on this game from 01/28/03.I made a long winter stop but now I'm back in bussines.In the full version there are No pre-made goals to complete, because you may make your own goals!It's gonna work like this;
I'm gonna have a Home Score of (Fill in) in (Fill in) days!
But then with much more options.
Enjoy this second Beta Version

Morku@Morku Ware



Life includes friends, family and ultimately a significant other, WHERE THE FUCK ARE THOSE!?!?

plus buying and placing furniture in this game is really boring

keep trying though

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Is it just me or...

are these SIM games getting rather old? There are tons of these on newgrounds. Some of them are better then this one, in fact, but that's not the only reason why I'm giving this such a low score. I mean, it has a few new ideas, but the concept is the same, and it just gets dull really fast. Not only does this game bore easily, but it is also a beta, which means that it is incomplete. If you are going to submit a game to newgrounds, please at least make it a complete one.
A few tips: To make the game more exciting, perhaps introduce a totally original idea ( something that has never been done before). Also, animation is the key. The more little animations that are thrown in, the better.

In closing, here's hoping that when this game is done, it will be something way different then this. Sorry for being so hard on you.

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it is good but not my cup of tea

love the layout looks like a really modernized sim game the gameplay is also pretty good but somebugs in it like for example you can buy stuff without having the money for it and also when you work umm it said +20 dollard in the bubble but umm you actually earn 150?

good work and when its done it will r0xor!!!


Well i applaude the concept, and the way you've done it. Looks nice, cleanly made if alittle confusing at start. The one thing i must mention (and has been mentioned several times in previous reviews) is the lack of "entertainment" soto speak. There is literally nothing to do apart from work and build up your stats (which have no bearing on anything). I gave you 5 which is an average mark, but this need more stuff put in it, i'm guessing your working on it progressivly which is why the train station took you no-where. All in all good concept, just needs more work.

Quick sidenote: I turned the music off cos it was annoying, but every time i went to the station it started back up again, dunno if thats a bug or what.

Quite nice yeah

Takes a lot of time and the idea of placing furniture strate away is bad

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3.56 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2004
8:13 AM EDT
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