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The stick war

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Author Comments

Damn this movie sucks :P? I have learnt from my mistakes and stopt making crappy movies. ( i know its a little short, and maby look like a trailer)
BUT, i made this movie a little better, iwe put on some sound n' stuff, and the plane is now shot down with a bazooka ( cant remember how to spell it ).. and im on to making some hueman movies and they dosnt look to bad.....

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nice try

If you're going to use stick figures, then it has to be EXCELLENT animation. When people see Stick Figures, they automatically assume it's not going to be the best movie. So if you're going down the path of no faces, be sure u have some of the best action sequences of all time or the movie's not going to last long.

If you're gonna try to make a story that goes along with the action, then I suggest putting faces on the sticks. You can show only so much emotion with gestures. You need their faces to show anger, worry, stress, happiness, etc.

otherwise this movie was OK. Not the greatest but not the worst. The weapons, helmets, and the plane were decent. though the action and the basic story of the movie moved waayyy too fast and all I could remember was Zack saved Jim.


This was really good!Except for the fact that you used stick figures.Still good though,but it wouldve been better without them.Good sound,good animation and a good story.Its too short to have a scene selection though(according to me),keep up the good work!


The-Ghost-PeP responds:

Hey thanks =P, its kinde my first "big" movie. i know its crap, but i like that you like it =P. thanks again. Oh yea, im making a movie that is NOT sticks ;D i found out that if you wanna make stick movies, make em good. and i cant do that so =P...

didnt like it

I found this flash meaningless and stupid.The least thing you could've done is give them freakin names; for example instead of him saying,"I have to save my friend." you could've replaced "friend" with something like Jim.It reminded me of something my brother would f*cking make.Long story short...it sucked.


omg, the guy saves his life and all he can say it thank you boy? i would be mighty hurt if i were that soldier. i mean cmon, he goes and kills like 70 guys thus condemning him to hell, he almost dies like 70 times, and the stupid pilot (who got shot down by a GRENADE), all he can say is BOY? o man wtf!
jk, it was ok.

The-Ghost-PeP responds:

and i mate it a rocket and not a grenade.. :P

It's a okay movie...

This was a okay movie.. Great story, but to short.

Credits & Info

2.23 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2004
1:44 PM EDT