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NG TT VIII bunnies

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Author Comments

Another time trial in the books, this time trial involved two groups, one group made a movie featuring the life of a rabbit... another made a movie featuring the life of an egg. It was only fitting that it be released on easter sunday so here it is.


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a unique colab here

Nice rabbit colab theme here going some really nice videos going on here, I would suggest no major changes just make more great colabs like this, So this was a colab here I like that there is so much here and you have added all sorts of different styles of animation and art here colabs are a dime a dozen but you added a new and unique twist on this specific colab so nice work here on this piece here.

I would suggest no major changes just make more great colabs like this


Happy Easter! It's nice to know that there are still people celebrating it! What do you mean "an easter rabbit"? Isn't there only one Easter Bunny? Well, he doesn't have a consistent appearance. I do seem to see the Easter Bunny mostly depicted as white.

What did JoeOutterside's have anything to do with rabbits? I mean, I guess the character is a rabbit. He just looks white! We need these nowadays. It's been too long since the last one.


I've already seen the Egg verion of this Time Trial and found it to be quite enjoyable and funny at times. Let's see if the Bunny version can live up to its counterpart.

Openwound's Entry

Quite enjoyable entry. Seem's quite sick that the Energizer batteries are made from bunnies, especially considering the commercials with the toy bunny rabbits being powered by Energizer. Some good animation here, not brilliant but good. Same goes for the graphics.

JoeOuterside's Entry

Whilst you had computer problems and the entry didn't really fit into the Life on an Easter Bunny motif, it was good that you still managed to submit something, no matter how random. You even had time to make mutiple endings, no matter how stupid and poorly done. It was good that you refused to let the Stickman win.

Sqeezy's Entry

So your rabbit got infested by the same kind of demonic force that was in a previous Time Trial entry of yours? I can roll with that. A demonic Easter Bunny was a good idea, shame he didn't get to go on a murderous rampage. Muse is an awesome band, and their music really worked well here. I caught your little Easter Egg as it were, hehe, in the form of a poster advertising 60 Hours Of Your Life. I can't wait!

Cue_Ball_Clock's Entry

Meh, this was alright. The coloursw were really vibrant and bright, good for an Easter entry, and the idea behind a bitter, resentful Easter Bunny was good, but overall this was a little slow and boring, not helped by the plodding dreary sounding music.

PhoenixJ91's Entry

Ahh, the systematic abuse of the Easter Bunny. Hilarity ensues. The only understandable attack he received was when he gave the obviously male rocker the doll. He deserved a kick in the knackers for that. The rest of it was just sad for the poor little cute looking guy. Ah, who am I kidding, it was great!

Good entries overall, they all really work to show the life of an Easter Bunny (well nearly all) and have a lot of work put into them.

Yay Easter Bunny TT

I know easter past a long time ago, but this Time Trial looked really cool. Notice how I don't do the Time Trials in order, that is because I choose which one I think look good.

I thought it was really productive how you thought of enegizer. Poor crushed up rabbits. At least i know why the batteries keep on going and goint. You also had a good choice of song. Evil Dog rocks anyday. Now I think of it, the rabbit one from NGTT 5 should have maybe been on this flash too. Great, funny job overall.

My favorite how of the choice of endings was the corny one. Not one can destroy, the portal. I also thought wtf ending was cool. Seeing Madness in color, that is just crazy. It took me a long time to figure out that the white guy in the ninja costume was a rabbit. Different than all the rest of the flashes but the choice of ending made it great.

I must say, your 5 hours of hard work really show. This flash was amazing. I usually don't rate on the 8's, but this one deserved it. The rabbit looked so joyful and after he looked like Anikin when he joined the dark side. Great, trumendus job.

This flash really didn't give to me. It was not bad all in all, but not my type of flash. The song was so anoying. I'm not sure where you got that song from, but please don't use that one again.

God damn do I ever feel bad for the rabbit. The funniest part was when he gave that punk kid a little dolly. I understood that time why he got nailed in his fellas. The bunny was so cute, but I guess cute things can be treated like crap too. Overall this movie was awesome. The song also contributed to it. You could have used a better song, but that on worked anyways.



it was hillarious when the green mohawk kid kicked him in the balls lol