Killer Cheeto

April 11, 2004 –
March 30, 2012
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Featuring the voice acting of shok (FDA).
And no, the game isn't supposed to make sence.

Play as Killercheeto as you shoot your way through a level filled with bee men, worf monsters, and other things as you make you way to fight "The big magic cheese-doodle powered floating Steve Buscemi cyborg monster boss master thingy"

Nonstop arcade style sidescrolling fun!

Click read more for some tips that should make the game easier.
Game hints

1. When fighting bee men, jump and shoot with the shot gun, they'll die instantly, also it's better to conserve your minigun ammo with the bee men, insted use the pistol.

2. when fighting the boss, jump and shot gun him right before he attacks, then jump and shotgun him again, this combo will send him into the water...

3. it's better to shoot enemies when there grouped together especialy with the shot gun since it's a close range weapon, you save ammo and clear the screen quicker.

4. To slow the game down, turn frameskip off in the main menu.

5. make sure to jump over most attacks.


I beat it 2 times XD

I am a cheeto with a purpose.

great food

This was one of the best action games released in 2004, mostly because it is just so fun. I love how goofy the graphics are and how it was creative to use a cheeto as the hero of all things. The gameplay is flawless, and I love how the blood just leaks out of the character's backs. Using anime stock footage heads on this was a great idea. You simply have no idea what is going to happen next, like the boss being from "Tron". I also love how this big snack food just jumps up and down so goofy.

it was so fun...maybe you could put it as an app for the itouch :)

=) i love this game and have played through numberous times

It's an alright game, but you die waaaay too easily. And there's all these people ganging up on you, too. Could use some work. 5/10.

ok game pretty short and no instructions........................b ut still nice....................i guess

iI dont really no what to think

exept........ Killer CHETTO

i underestimated this rocks!

I think you lose health way to easily but its alright.

fukin awsomefukinscauce


i like how the game is mad great guns and very creative

why does everyone think this game is great, it's crap

OMG THIS IS AWESOME AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lol, I remember seeing this a long time ago, this game is weird and funny. The enemies spawn way to fast for the cheeto to defeat any of them.

I wish it had more guns and a little bit longer

i don't know....it's not a good game....but....it's not a bad game either


i like the action but i wish it was longer - 1 also i wished there were more variety of enemys - 1 . but in all it was good so great job :)

I liked the shotgun and minigun


this was a completly useless, mindless, and violent game.....but.... ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!

this is BULLSHIT!

cheeto fugein owns

freakin hilarious

this was so much fun!

Simple and great!


Haha this is hilarious great job.

great game just not very good graphics, also the best gun is 2, shotgun

just the mindless and senseless violence i needed on a day like today!

Dude..! It's the best game i've ever seen! :D

i normaly like games like this but this was shit not to be mean although u have to admit the ammo cheat was cool and i love random crap that has no signifacence to anything so i will give a 5 on here and a 1 on the other

made me giggle lol

That was a weird game...

Too damn bloody, no challenge, no substance, absolutely horrible.

not good at all,bored the hell outa me and wasted my time

huh... newgrounds hates anime?! what the hell....?

Amusing game, especially with the ammo cheat. All i did was run around with a shotgun. And Freaky665 since your mentioning something about making enemies just because your killing anime, does that mean your one of those anime fans out there???

Just a thought...

And what are they gonna do? Write angry letters? Make online threats? Or maybe even make a game where some anime dude kills a bunch of Cheeto's???

Just a thought...

Well it could have been good. First off, it was way too short. The gameplay was just average and no storyline. The replay was a good addition.
It was a good waste of my time though.

I dont like the controls very much.

now i know this is new grounds (the only website on the web that hates anime), but this game is a insult to the culture. the anime lovers (if any) on this site see this game then your bound to make enemies.

it was sorta hard and press d

I have to be honest, I'm afraid... I didn't like it. It was too short and, although it did have replay value with the cheat, it wasn't enough to make me want to replay it.
As for the quality of the gameplay; the animation/graphical quality wasn't bad. That said, I still couldn't really make out any of the monsters. I could only have known what the Worf monsters were thanks to the fact that it was explained to me in clear english words.
I know that 'random' seems popular nowadays but I'm afraid I couldn't really get onboard with a Cheeto with a gun killing bee-men, Worf-monsters and... whatever that third thing was. This sort of thing still needs some sort of a storyline... even if it's just something explaining WHY this killer Cheeto was going after these things.
In addition, there really wasn't enough to the game itself to really inspire me. Only three monster types and weapons? Not exactly a monster of a game, I'm afraid.
However, all of this said; Look down at the scores... 9, 10, 10, 10 and an 8. This tells me, personally, that you have actually made an absolutely fantastic game that just didn't really appeal to me so for that, congratulations on such a successful game.

thats a evil cheeto.


that game is killer.

pretty good for a killer cheeto!!!!!!:cool:

short, but sweet.
Is was amazing.

This game is wicked!!! I like being a cheeto. Dat cheeto blast them guys dead. And the game funny two. That cheeto waz going on bad wid his Machine gun. Good game.

good but make the pistol do more damage.thank you.

First off to the other guy below me thats an "A" NOT AN "R". This was a pretty good game.

Alright, so I played this game the first time...checked the instructions and R was to shoot. Fine, so I start playing the game, and realize that I have no ammo in my pistol, and none in my other weapons either. So I run around looking for ammo, but there is no where to go and no ammo. I restarted the game, maybe I'm missing something from the instructions...Nope, R is shoot and there are no hints to tell me what I am doing wrong.

So I ask: What is the point of a game if you can only play it and get killed by your enemy with no defense?

it was asome so 10/10.

I never expected to see him in the game....

i wud gief ua 10 if the wepeons weret close range i died every 10 secondws :(

i was laughing my ass off when the giant bee-things came LOL

dude, i laughed pretty hard at this one. this story line is soooo facked up. a cheeto on a mission to kill eferyone? X-D

i dont think i want to eat cheatos again


second thought about eating cheetos haha. Nice game

The shotgun is the only weapon that works properly. Just thought you should know.

best game ever


I beat it. It was so much fun. I really liked the graphics and how you can use three different kind of weapons. Very fun game to play. Those bad guys come out of no where. Very well done game. I liked how you animated the boss and included a bunch of B-men.

Nice job, not the best but qualitie game.

Its cute.

Funny for a one off i think not too addictive but good for a quick shootin' hehe. Love the idea though.

but the gameplay is dry. guns usually have range, you dont gotta hit them with the barrel to do damage , but the enemies, the boss especially, made the game.

Great game, funny and it just doesnt get old, good selection of guns to.

Wow, I haven't played this game for like 2 years. I was not expecting it was as good as I thought since I played it years ago, but the bad guys, the boss and the weapons were great. I also loved the sound outputs I'm a cheeto. There could have been more bosses, but having infinite ammo on the next game gave it replay value. The graphics were also not bad for such an old game. I hope I don't forget about this game again, oh wait.(favorites =D)

what was that moth thingy??

i think that was a great game but...a little advice dont make it so easy that was too easy it took me 2 minutes to beat it u should have a level 2 up to 5.

Petit enfoirer=little idiot.
bouffeur de merde de cheval=horse shit eater.
OH! yeah...its ...good...good game

Now this is a good game. Has to definantly be one of the most original I hav ever played. The gameplay was pretty good. Especially the gun switching thing. I really liked that. And it was a cheeto. I mean cmon. How can you not like that.

EXTRA COMMENTS: I love cheetos son


Would have been a lot better if it was longer. Dodging is not a high priority in this game, keep that in mind.

What the hell was that moth thing?
and how come you're 10 times bigger then everything else

This is my favorite thing on Newgrounds. I like how you play as a cheetoh and not a human. It adds to the humor, and I like how you kill anime and star trek things because I hate those. That boss was funny too, just some random cyborg celebrity.

i played about 12 times i was hooked we need a sequle and make it longe and put in mike j's that will be great!!!!

Good game and tht is one badass lookin cheeto lolzZz good job man.

this was the best shooter i have played in a while so i give it a 10!
my favorite was the shotgun :D

That was a great game. But those bloody bees. So hard.

This games kicks ass. i love it!!!!!! killer cheeto is badass. the shotgun was sweet. nice, game man,keep up the good work.

OMG i love this game, i played it at least like 5 times over and over, i played this a few years back, and they finally put it in the Action list. This is a nice and kickass game!! Keep it up! try to make a sequal maybe? :D:D


its one of the few games i play ocassionaly in negraounds i dont get tire of it

very original, very smooth, and over all a nice game. keep up the good work.

Awsome no one else would of thought to have a rampaging cheeto on the loose, but does there have to be ten lives that makes it to easy

I need more of both, cheetos and this game

This game ruled. I don't care that other people think it sucked. It was awesome

i reeeeeeeeeeely want to see more killer cheeto!

Great dude i hope you make another killer cheeto soon and keep the good times rolling... maybe you can add more levels or weapons and stuff like that .

I will hope to see another killer cheeto soon

As you can tell by my name, This game is now my favorite cheese related game EVER. You have earned the gratitude of the God of Cheese!

i also love teh creatiavity in the name of the boss

ill admit that i liked the game

that was a very fun and addictive game.

it was good i good change from the shit that you usally make and still have not made my favorites. close but not quite there

This was actually the first game I played on Newgrounds, and it hasn't gotten old. Heh, I think you just strung words together for the enemies, but I'm OK with that, seeing as how I do the same thing for anything imaginative I create.

I remember playing this quite a while ago, I loved it then, I was just going through newgrounds again and here it is! This is just as good as it was back then, great job!
P.s: Beebo Rocks


i would play this on the PS2 its fucking awesome....just make some additions!

The best shooter ever this should be sold as a ps2 game

funny and good

it was alright.

a shout out to shadowrun.

that was kool make longer or suthin and like make a partner a diratio or suthin i dnt care that was kool


Hey this game was kinda cool but short too...make a few more levels

this was good add on more levels

awesome flash, if a little cpu laggy in some places (for me anyway)
more guns would be nice =)

Awesome game! you gotta make more games like this!

Nice, Cept, It Runs A LIttle Slow On My Comp, lol

That wuz a kick-ass game puhleaze make more like it!!!!!!!!

that was a really really really fun game! I played about 10 times and I still wasn,t tired with it! Overall,Very fun game!

dude a killer cheeto!! awesome man

I guess the game is allright I thoght that u made the game really well

This game was fun, but only fun because of the violent killing spree, no challenge...

I gave it a 4


Animation's Awesome I like the game cheat(though it spoils the fun:P)Sound's so-so...Not much of a point...Well...Good job...

i like the ammo cheat at the end and 4 all the cheaters that want the cheat its not a word u have to complete the game to get it

It wasn't that bad. The animation and actionscripting was good, but i wasn't expecting it to be like that. The view was a little too close, and it didn't really make sense to me. I don't think its worth front page (from what i saw) but thats just my opinion. But good job tho.

Ng is lowering their standards. Good try though you should add more to it to make it front page worthy

I didn't really like it at all, i'll give credit where credit is due the graphics were good but the game was angering the hell out of me. Nice try

KICKASS pretty much describes it...what else is there to say to describe this game?! Maybe next time you could add more guns and variety of enemies, but otherwise, this is a fantastic game!!!!

i like that game! could do with mor levels tho
ammo cheat is asome make mor games!!!!!

Good game but could use more inprovement. This game is very challenging

Simply Put

Sense- Absolutely none! Klingons, civilians, and bee-people? I hated it, and usually I love games that make no sense ((like Pico)). Not even the killing made sense, the chaingun was rarer but weaker than th shotgun.

Game- Sucked hard, it was unentertaining and consisted of no point to play. It was horribly made and really there isn't much more to say than that.

-Review Guru

Man that was one of the best games that I have played in a long time on new grounds, you guys need to make more games like this. Please put out more of these man (not the same game but games like it) very funny game but you need to put in more guns good job guys

that was a nice game, especially when you get the cheat :)

It was okay but the cheetos was way too big, the jumping took too long to work and it's pretty boring

The fact that you're a killer cheeto is hillarious but the game wasn't made too well. The cheeto is way to big and the jumping basically useless.

YES indeed thatt was good

what could be better than senseless violence? make a cheeto do it. this is hilarious.

I could complain all day on how bad your game is, but i'll give you some pointers instead.

*give the pistol some value. The pistol is a piece of shit. you have to be point blank to hit someone. Change that and give the poor thing a little more fire power and range.

*Make some way to dodge enemy fire. i don't know how you'll do that but just keep that in mind.

fun violent and chetto's r yummy

this game was hilarious but the down side was that it only had one lvl and the amo cheat made it funny all i n all it was good

this is the most pointless game ive ever played, good effort though. try to improve

Cheetos rock.

Anyone who doesnt like this is a moron! lol, F(_)king hate japanese anime! killer cheetos are the best, perhaps the future holds a killer dorito..??

THAT GAME WAS SO KIKASS but it was kinda hard

it was funny still i wanted to be more longer

well it was kinda stupid, funny that ur a cheeto killin people but it was pretty boring..

were you high when you made this its amazing!!

Fucking amazing - killer cheetos - u rock

lol this was one of the best games i have every played! keep it up man,...


Took awhile to get the boss but it was a badass game make another one!

hahaha this was so stupid it was funny! lol

im sur u can do better

I liked the gameplay and it was fun to be a cheeto out for vengeance. Killer Cheeto!!

This is the most fun game of all NG, Although the Replay Value doesn't very much shine, This is indeed a work of art..

But after beating the game 2 times It gets rather boring, Make new features like you can be a villager/clone trying to kill the Killer Cheeto?

But I guess that would run the loading time up a good 20 minutes at the least..

Anyway it if really good, I give it a 10!

I can't stop playing this game word up man a strait 10

man, this shit is really good!

when can you go around killing everybody with an innocent charcter I like it

funny but whatabout an unlimited health cheat?

that was amuzing, but what the fuck was that

keep hitting play befor the game is loaded lol

all u need to know is above^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

A decent humor/action game... anywayz, how the hell does he hold his weapons with no hands?!?


i would have rather eaten the cheeto though lol

MY GOD !!! THIS GAME WAS INSANE GOOD !!!! After I got the ammo cheat I went totally bananas with the MINIGUN =D This game is really good to play when you are frustrated and want your agression out !!

Make some more levels PLEASE !! I want to see more off games like this

AWESOME.This game is great and funny.

i think its really nice. the cheeto was cute!

excelent game i have realy enjoy playing it being a gun fighting cheeto awsome work.
very awsome game.

Not much for replayability, but what a concept!

Shooting things with cool wepons and crazy looking enemies is awesome!

that preloader diagnosed me with AIDS, dammit!
*goes on a cheeto rampage*

I quite like this, it is quite funny =). Seems very nice and smooth for a flash game. You should make a couple of extra levels ect and make the "Killer Cheeto" your little mini game in flash...All in all I think its interesting, but way too short and easy.

Finally a chip brand with a purpose I like... Killing everything that moves.... Hey! Have u notice that all of the popular chips end with ito wow cool. Yes i know cheetos end with an eto but still homophones :)

pretty cool man, just shooting 4 fun. although you could lower the power on the shotgun, i mean, u can kill bout 5 or 6 guys with just one shot

i found why the porn industry has a market

ok game not really original iv seen it b4 but still 6 is not too bad

No plot, but it wastes time well.

man this game realy had no perpose but hell it was fun

it is not a bad idea but it is not so intrsting ! if it hos heating ppl !!! + fun lol

I liked the gameplay. The humor was ok too. But I think the graphics need alot of work. Like instead of pasting the anime characters head on a little body why not draw them? I'm am a fan of anime and I would like to see you draw them. I think that would look cooler in the game. :) I thought the pasting idea was good for the bee men though. It looked funny. lol I noticed some Shadow Runner music in there too. That was a cool idea (it broght back some memories for me). I think it was a decent game (I had fun killing the anime characters, even though I like anime) I think the only thing that was a downfall was the graphics. I can't wait to see your next entry.

Yo Dood this game is cool man..i liek the Cheeto please please more levels or more guns.....

i wanna be the cheeto.....LOL


This game is fun to play and it was pretty funny. Also looked good with some nice speech samples. Hope you make another level or a sequel.

i liked it, but what are those people throwing at you, cheeto bags?

that was awesome. just plain awesome! i laughed like crazy all 5 times i played it.

It was very fun killing the anime with a shotgun.

I must say though that there has been MUCH better on newgrounds... though you did a good job. next time dont do it with a cheetoe. just a tip.

Yeah... it has a little of humor but nothing that would change something in my life... but it's cool when u don't have nothinf 2 do...

the loading part was funny and all but the game itself was overall to hard

Pretty well done! Its random, its got style and everything about it is wierd! GREAT!

why Steve Buscemi and why a fuckin chee-to

good game man...but it just doesnt seem the same without the orange dust on ur fingers heh

This really needs to come off the front page it's been on there waaaaay too long, it's good and all but it's really not that great.

it was ok but u need to make the game a lil bit longer and its really easy good work anyways.

Good game!But too short and a bit hard too dodge any enemy´s attack.

hey there nice work man it really rocked!!!

greetz and KEEP IT UP!

This is just stupid. And it's too fancy to pass as irony or parody of any kind.

idiotically funny and very easy but pretty amusing good job

the controls were somewhat odd, but i still had lots of fun with this game.

good job.

make some more game and make it as the game you made but dpn't put the same thing on it

I'll say right off the bat that I thought the game, as a -game-, was so-so. However, the skill behind it, I believe, was very good - don't get me wrong! Myself being a Flash amateur, I won't be able to make anything like this for some time yet =P. The graphics and sound were amusing, and the idea behind it was fun and different, but the gameplay itself I found to be not very enjoyable. It felt too crowded and the controls too sluggish for the game's pace. I'm not quite sure how you might go about fixing that for next time, though. Whatever, keep up the great Flash work =).

It had no perpuse yet he says he does.

IT was pretty fun it kept me busy for about 15 min but then got pretty dull

this game waz pretty fun. really massive destructive too. i liked it, kept me entertained.

Wow...............this game makes NO SENSE AT ALL! i still like it though.very sadistic! good game if u r really pissed at someone.;)

Wow, it has taken so long since someone brought some classic newgrounds flash back to this site. Senselessly violent, horrificly awkward, and making no sence whatsoever. This is the first 5 I have handed out in a while that has ment this much to me.

I liked it. It gets a little repetative and the preloader thing was a little weird..with the aids and all..

very strange game...very unorthodox, graphics BLEW, gameplay BLEW, everything BLEW!

it was terrably slow but awsome

Not bad, but I loved the Shadowrun music! That game rocked.

It wasn't THAT bad, and i hope this doesn't get blamed, cause it wasn't the worst thing to hit newgrounds...!

even though the graphics really really sucked but i dont give a crap about graphics, it was a nice game.

pretty boring imo


This for fight and this for fun!! he he FMJ=great movie BEST PRELOADER EVER you need to send me that preloader as an FLA so I can use (please?) Just kidding. The game was awesome but you need to make the controls less sensitive and when you turn you move too much too the side, the gatling gun takes too long to fire, and maybe the enemies should only come from one side, not both. But otherwise a really fun game

and it has shadowrun music... awesome.

an okay game, but a bit repetitive.

good job though!!! :)

okay that was weird shit...but it was good thought!:)

I like the shadowrun muisic and the killer cheeto one of it kind

this game is pretty much boring so stop jerckin off over there and come up with a better idea for a shooting game, syke! It was pretty funny, needs work though.

not that good. and it made front page!? Took it awhile!

I like it cuz its a Cheeto that murders things.. I dont like it because its waaaaay too easy.. but it was fun while it lasted.. the code at the end isnt needed because its easy without it, but none the less a pretty good concept and a decently made game..

mayb if u woulda played for 5 more minutes u wouldve saw that it doesnt repeat u face u the boss??????

Great "shoot the shit out of everything"/ rampage game. Just gets to be so crowded that there's no real objective, could use more detail, and a smaller cheeto man.

Its A Good Game And Even With The Ammo Cheat I Still Ran Out Of Ammo(I feel cool).

even with the ammo cheat u get at the end...i ran out of ammo...i feel so cool....

Man, I appreciate the work you put in on this, but as a game, it sucked the sweat from my nutsack.
I mean, there was virtually no way to dodge the incoming hits, you practically have to be touching someone to hit them with the pistol, and the minigun takes so long to start working that its virtually useless.


man i wish i could gibe it a better overall score but i just can't call it fun on my shitty ass comp:(

man this game was sooo badass and screw all the people who didnt like this game cuz of the anime killing, i live and breath anime but i still love this game.

that was great! it was so good to see a game move that smoothly and not fuck up like most games. I definately recomend this to anyone who likes a good laugh. BIG props to ALex, dude make more soon!

very funny easter egg and very funny game. nice music and sound. great game.

ok the cheeto thing the whole cheeto thing is just plain weird but the fact that it is a cheeto is funny not to mention it is a killer cheeto! ok im not sure relly wut to say only that i kinda liked it and it was well.. yea weird and funny

that was fuckin cool.....haha,specially the 'i am a killer cheeto!' bit

After u beat the game zoom in on his hat!

Good work there. A little bizarre if you ask me, and this is a guy who spends most of his time playing Um Jammer Lammy!

good original idea, bit too easy tho. but gud none the less.

Really funny to play. A bit too short tho'.

That was funny!!! ^_^

This was a very good game.. nice weapons and the cheeto was pretty cool.. i liked the part where you got to kill the little kids and stuf..

Fascinating game based on a cheeto,hahaha!!! btw anime fans alike shouldnt play the game because you can kill anime characters in the game, so it's a little bit considered "Anti-Anime."

Too easy. I beat it on my second. I would've on my first, but I was more interested in what they were throwing in the first part to fight back.

Sweet Game. A homicidal cheeto what will people think of next.

Awesome game guys, so very funny and well done!

this game was good but could have been longer with a better choise of weapons(needs more).

maybe one of the best game ive played

Dude this game's cool but my machine too slow for it!!
OK I don't have the best there is, but at a certain point the whole thing was just one big lag...
Too bad though.

Keep up the work for those who ARE properly equiped.

excelent sound on the guns man...kudos

it was all tp easy and all to short...
Kinda good idea with a cheeto going on a killing spree though..

Steve Buschemi rocks

Hahahaha great game. It gets good when u beat it the first time and get the ammo cheat.

It was senseless crap but the shadowrunner music made it all worth it.

Really nice game here... I think you should make a sequel or sumthing with like a dorito guy or something. Okay.. well.. great submission.

And since you're from GodFart.com, then it has to be good...right?:)

Also, I would have put a wee bit less ammo in ammo cheat mode. It made it WAY too easy to win(Had 11 lives, and only lost 1 throughout it.)

Also, there could have been a scoring system....and what was the point of the minigun? I know it works, but the spinup time was very slow to be effective on ANY of the enemies.

I loved Steve Buscemi's cameo though. He rocked in Fargo, Lolz.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Sooner or later, it will happen. Pigs will fly. Then my wife will let me back in the house.

this is a cool game but gets boring fast...

It was fun, once you get past the lag and stuff.

how couldyou make fun of anime like that anime is the GREATEST!!! and because of that you get a big fat 0!

It's pretty funny, and you're a cheato with a gun, what bad about that?

I didnt like it that much, too boring.

Damn! That was fun! 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 nothing else to say!! Just play it! especially for u shooting game lovers. The only thing that sucks is that there's only 3 types of weapons!!

thats all i can think of for this game it's just ok.

-relistic minigun fireing rate (frame skip, low qualaty)
-LMAO at the "Evil mutiant startrek warf monsters"
-Minigun shoots no better then a bit faster then the pistol (no frame skip)
-With frame skip the anmaie pepole (look at the pepoles faces) group up and slaughter you with light-speed bags of cheese doodles
- same as above but with the bees
A 4 in my book and number 3 in my favorites

very nice...
...but whats with the giant lagg when youre using the minigun on large mout of men???

i like it i usally hate these type of games but this was good

Bloody brilliant game, very original and funny. particuly like the wierd wasp-man things and the steve Buscemi robot boss was truely inspired. could have done with being a bit longer and the minigun did piss me off a bit but apart from that a great game.

that wuz funn and pointless and fun -lol- just because of this i'm gonna get eat some cheetos, seriously and there da swirely kind WOOT!!!!!!!

That was extremely funny and original, especially the things the "killer cheeto" says after he comes back from the dead...or revives, whatever you want to call it. It could have been better in three areas though: make longer, like add another boss. If it is longer, add more enemies and some weapons should be earned somehow, like through what score you have, or what you just killed.

lol so much fun heh i luved this game very original

this was good...keep it up


p.s. peace

I played this game 3 times! its great!

is the music grecliff from terranigma by any chance? or is it from Chrono Trigger? GOd its killing me but I cannot remember!

I find it amazing how something so stupid and useless could OWN SO BAD!!!!!


it was a funny game, but the gameplay was very sketchy

poo... ha

that was a really fun shoot em' up. wish it were longer.

A sweet blast-em-all game... a very sweet piece of work man. Keep it up.

Good game! I love quality games like this. Funny from the get-go (the loading screen) and it was fun to play. A little to short and repititious and it got laggy with the ammo cheat (maybe because I was firing non-stop) but regardless it was good clean fun!

Fun and humerous. but theres not much to it. i do like the idea of a killer cheto!nice job

I am absolutely addicted to this game!
Please, PLEASE make more, or at least a follow-up or something.

The concept was veryy funny. But the game sucked.
Im sorry to say that but it did.

A: never eat cheetos again >.>
B:Eat cheetos before it kills them if tey get paranoid
C: none of this
D: play the game again

must eat cheetos @_@

this game is not only cool it makes me very hungry!

Ilove the little muant Star Treck monsters:)

i love love to kill fags

Hmmm... very funny good game minigun's alittle slow and the enemies do quite significant damage. otherwise a great game.


GENIUS, Steve Buscimi as a boss, CLASS

it's Stupid fun and cheedos r cool

Ha ha ha, laugh at the stupid, dumb, pitifull but disturbingly fun game. Ha ha ha ha.

No voices on pc thats sound 0 but all other are with purpose.A Cheeto with weapons? Only if i think a game of that it makes me feel pity for those who dont have better doing than makin a cheeto with guns...This _sucks_

wow if only they did that when my friends started eating them. that was fun however it needs cool evemies like MJ or Saddam

A funny little game, but too short and simple...


shoot shoot or get shooted... and thats the way it is.... kill kill reload and kill or get killed ...pam pam buddabuddabudda Budha didnt kill no one.

This game pwnz. I had soo much fun. Too short but fun. The last boss is some actor guy lol!
Cool man make more!

well thats preety self explanitory
nice try tho

ps....put a lil more effort into it

The gameplay was great,as was the story line.Im looking foward to killer cheeto two.

The name itself attracted me and i knew from the start it would be a good game but it was brillant i mean common...a killer cheeto who wouldn't love that!? and plus it was a really fun game nice job and i really wana see more of these.

Nice game with good weapons. I like a game with cheats and a good detailed boss. I wanted a story line and a reason why there is a cheeto going around killing civilians, star trek people and bees that look like ???. But there are great lines from Cheeto. Good job and make another with a story line.

that was funny, the whole cheeto part. the game was cool. but im just not a game person i guess. but i give ya two thumbs up :P

It would have been alot more fun if you had inf. ammo for all guns....

This was the best game yet.I have one quetion why did u put anime girls in the game?

Mixed with a sidescrolling game, it's the best game u maked so far. Maybe if u could make another one with more enemies to kill and more weapon choice... I would like a katana or a grenade launcher. But the ammo cheaaat is sooooooo funny. Another difficulty plz cuz it's a little easy. Keep doing ur good work!

it was good sound and voices were very repeadtive easy to beat mmm maye more guns but overall pretty good

Nobody gets it... the irony of a cheto going on a killing spree. In real life it ís the pretzels. the pretzels did it! the PRETZELZ!!!

This was alright it wasnt that bad but.......It was a little stupid!!!Like not funny stupid like just plain out stupid play this game if ya want to.


It was fun to play a a cheeto, but not enough to say this game was gtrea.I will vote 4 on it just fo rthe idea of it but the graphics and sound sucked.Still a good job on the game.

nice job. very very original. But I think you copied sonic and knuckles on the water boss.

This game was soo much fun, but it was silly as hell. Very creative, no blams for you.

dude this game kicked ass i love it although it doasent make alot of sense it was still damn cool

i love this one its funny as hell i demand MORE KILLER CHEETOS!!!!!

it's a giant cheeto for christ's sake. how is that not an automatic 9. It is really fun and funny.

This one rocked. It dont was so funny but the paintings and figures was funny. Cheetos realy look funny. Are that cheeto figures copyrighted or can i make series about it? Cheeto series. Cheetos killing other cheetos like in madness!

sweet game!! keep them coming.

i liked the game and thats why i am sorry to say but the charactars were a bit dum.


It's funny but it SUCKS!!! Nothing moved on the screen when I started up that machine gun. I hate games that have no feeling of progression. This game offers no drive to keep playing. Nice try..

Sorry, but I have played this a few times. It just is not cheesy enough for me. It is not good at all.

enuff sed

nice killing game.bloody.a bit short.needs more levels.

Great game man, luurve the cheeto shizzle, but it didn't last very long - you start with a lotta lives?

Overall tho, good stuff, cant wait for a follow up!(?)

with out a doubt the funniest thing I ve ever seen.Its really hard cuz im laughing so hard. Worf monsters!!!!! This rules 5/5 (ps For humor i give it a 11/10!

man, this game waz fucking awsome, Kudos for the lil cheetoe guy talking ^ ^

I liked it, it was idictive and it was kewl but it had to be longer. btw i liked the counter strike sounds. GJ

what can I say it was great all except for how short it was it needed more levels

....no comment

i can wait for more of you!!!

fucking good game dude.

Really cool game, very unique animation. The only real gripe I have is that the minigun is completely useless.

this game is fuckin sweet man

Hey nice job. I really did like it. The ammo cheat was also fun. It basically kep me ntrtaned for a long hour.Oh i was wondering what the ped enimies were throwing.plz make killer cheeto2.

the music i hated the game was a bit dull but i liked some of it

It's too hard to not get hit and except the cheeto, everything else is crappy. You are innovative with the style, but you must admit that the game itself just isn't that great.

fuck all to do
needs more weapons
needs more adventure
needs more style

It's fun, but far 2 short and with the weapon cheat there is nothing to it.. just shooting around... Hope 2 see a sequal soon! G-luck!

"When I grow up I wanna be a Killer Cheeto 2!"

*Runs in circles shouting "I'm a cheeto with a purpose"*

Nonstop arcade style sidescrolling fun? It's really more like 5 minutes of arcade style scrolling fun. It's a pretty good game, but I think you need to keep working at it. On a seperate note, I think way too many people are dishing out 10's nowadays.

Cheetos were eaten heavily by anime fangirls who ate pocky...so the fangirls hating on the cheeto is because the really love him so much...Warf is in there because warf likes cheetos too...so do bumble bees..

The game was cool. I hate cheetos but oh well , I still enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

It has been a long time scens i have seen somthing this origanl on Newgrounds. i would like to know the code though.

i like the gun sound effects its just like counter strike,anyway Good Job!!! keep up the good work

it ha no plot and you need more ammo around the level. make things look a little better and make it have a PLOT!!!!!


It was alright, but it was a story line to nowhere.... So what's the point of playing it?

I didnt like it when the game was loading I thought the game was going to be somthing like alien homonid (Which kicked ass) but it was not.

I did like the idea of the main character being a cheeto though.

IM not one of the many cheeto lovers im more of a sunchips kinda person game was kinda good if u enjoy running around shooting things for a long time

Does anyone know where the easter egg is?

This game is so awesome. Great job.

gets a tad repetitive, and when you press jump he takes so long to get up, you've already been hit. Make the jump quicker.

Spoiler: As soon as you get the shotgun, use that. Keep going back everytime you can to find more ammo and lives. Use the shotgun for all enemies, until you reach the boss.

Boss spoiler: take out the minigun and hold "up" and "a". if he doesn't die by that, he'll nearly be dead, so use the shotgun or pistol to finish him off.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Okay i Think you got the point. I LOVED THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is great! There is nothing to say but...well why do i care! It's a great game!! Make another one if you can!!

it was awsome

whahahahahahahahahahacheetowhahahahahahahaha etc

this is a realy good game

Although it's not physically possible, that game both sucked AND blowed. Hard.

I've played alot of newgrounds games, and alot of them have no purpose and not much interactivity and all that, but they're still kinda interesting. Judging from your reviews and votes, you're doing pretty good, but I really didn't enjoy the game. It wasn't very good in terms of shooting the bad guys and trying to dodge their bullets (or crips packs). The boss was kinda lame, and I didn't realise if I was hitting it or not until he finally did die, but it wasn't cool at all. I'm sure you can do better though...

took about 10 mins to complete including with the cheat and wats with the voices

only one(or two i forget things easy) word for this:it rocks!

A bit too chaostic for me... and not much purpose, and what the hell is with the phrases?
"i am a cheeto with a purpose! fear me!" lol what purpose if that?

This game would rule if:
-there were less enemies but were harder to kill
-the pistol was made into an mp5 or something good
-enemies dont come from both sides... i really hate that!!

It was fun for about 5 minutes..

Great fun, although a bit *too* insane for my liking. The weapons are all different and good to use, the sounds are cool and the graphics were nice, very Synj-esque. Excellent random insanity, worth playing for sure.

nice work

big time

Please do not click on the link on the review before me which is in a review a person by the name of quinnquinn put in.
It is actually a link to outwar.
Please send e-mails to people to stop this.

that is super fun i really like it that super chetto is cool

Heh not bad at all but this is just sorta gay. It freaking hard. Make a game that u do something else than just shoot as a cheeto!

that was...odd... i don't know about a snack going around shooting things, but it was fun for a little bit. it got boring very easily after you beat it a few times. Try this game out though

It was ok one time i ate a cheeto though

I didn't think it was anything amazing, but it was fun for a bit. Seemed hastily put togethor, and I was constantly swarmed by enemies to the point the game seemed impossible.


Really, it was too short but fun to play.

thas pretty tyte yo i like that shyt before u play the game and it keep pressin play try it before the game loads 1

This game showed effort, however it just isnt anything special.

Nice work. Its Awesum! America needs more people with a chill sence of humor.

nice shadowrun music

I'm trying to make this fair at least, the game, while not ridiculously bad, is faulted (as most other games here on newgrounds are) some coding is a little screwy but hey, I don't even understand how to do that stuff soo whatever. Also, if frame-skip is on, then the anime people become more-or-less, lots of little creatures, who harmless alone, kill indiscriminately when grouped together. So maybe just using a quality control would keep it good, without making it TOO fast (and who said this wasn't worthy of Newgrounds?? that's fucking ridiculous, I mean...come on...in terms of Newgrounds, this is up there...)

This laf tour ass off funny.Just one question we is the new Beebo coming?

ODD but amusing in a way

It's... It's a good chet
I like chet lol

just haha style fun

What could be better than this?
This reallly kicks ass.

that wuz kooo i especially like all the violence and the weapons but it wuz short. Keep up the good work.

Good job, i loved it. Its real fun with the ammo cheat :D but it was a bit short. if you make another one, make it longer .

I liked it and the steve bot o death ending but it was sorta short. Still nice work.

I was taken by surprise at the sheer craziness of it all, and although there isn't much in the way of gameplay, it was fun and silly. Extra points for Klingons and Steve Buscemi.

This is absolutly terrable. It makes no sence, it is very boring very quickly and the only thing that makes sence is the fact your a big giant cheesy wotsit!

I like it,but the game's to short and there is only couple of weapons and enemies.
Well,anyways keep up the good job:D

That was pretty cool.

it's cool now a health cheat then ya never die make another version of killer cheeto
keep up the GOOD work

but this one wasnt just enough...Snipers Revenge is helluva better
but it was exiting...killing the bees was fun =P
but i didnt get how u survive the boss...
he allways hits u when u attack him
make it allittle easier, more guns n' it would b good...

it was fun for a sec then it got really fuckin boring make another but more exciting

It was fun for the few minutes it took to complete, but I am somewhat disappointed and like others feel it isn't really front-page material.

The ammo appearing behind you is just annoying, as is the range of the basic gun.

Once you get some shotgun shells, it's pretty easy to get through and the game actually seems to get easier as you go on.

It seems as if sometimes it's literally impossible to avoid damage - a terrible thing in my book.

Still, as I said, it was fun to play for a few minutes, partially thanks to some nice graphics and amusing voice samples.

Good, not great.

This is a funny game to play, maybe add some more levels?
And @ acornclock, ever tried jumping?

This is ok, but you can't doge enemy attacks, that sucks. But it was good.

Im a cheato.. with a purpose.... great idea, great game.

Where did the concept from which this turd of a flash game come from? I can't even think of anything that could properly describe why this game sucks. For one it's a mockery of the side-scrolling genre and the proportion of your ability to actually succed is hindered by the fact that you can't avoid being hurt. It seems like your creative this isnt the right way to go though bud.

The general idea is good, really, but dude, you can't even EVADE in this game! It's just about who holds the fire button longer.

I'm sorry, but in my own opinion i don't think this deserves to be in the front page... maybe if it had more levels then it would be worth giving a 10 or a 5 but its far from a "great" game.

SO Funney /bow very good make very original and new i will never eat cheezy poofs the same again !!!!

only thing wrong with it was it was too easy.. :/ only died once on the boss. then i got the ammocheat thingy at end after you beat the game and never died again :P well it was fun. it kept me entertained for about 20 min

ehhh... i could have been better.....maybe a little bigger screen and more room to react but other than that not bad

Got to the level with the bee guys, worf, and kids all at the same time and the game freaked.... But the ceeto killer concept is pretty cool.

H-D *<}:o)

I love Buscemi.

It was really fun, but I didn't find it too hard. I beat it my first play through... the shotgun owns. The MiniGun can't be effective without a lot of ammo, and the pistol is just a pea shooter.

This game had excellent graphics, sounds, and Steve Buscemi, but my favorite thing of all about this game was the story. That made it for me.

i speak of ass and monkey when i eat

I love the fact that you kill a cyborg Steve Buscemi. I mean, Steve Buscemi kicks ass... but the idea of a giant killer cyborg of him is hilarious. Nice job.

good game, hard to beat, but when u do its worth it, 10/10 for sure, gotta play dis

nice game i liked it a lot keep up the good work id like to maybe see more games like this

all i gotta say is good ass game, keep it up

i love the cheeto idea very cool!

the contrlos were good and grafics were as well

i like the ammo cheat after you beat it! hope u make more stuff!

the plot was kinda stupid but the artwork was decent and it was kinda hard 2

S'okay. Funny with the killer cheeto and whatnot. But what do you have against Steve Buscemi?

definatly gay.

This game is sweet man!!!!! KEPP IT UP !!!!!!!

i luv the blood and gore... great boss(funny boss) seriously who are those pictures of?You did a kick ass job on this game Alex... but its a bit too short
and also very very addicting

the things you need to fixs is to make it more interactive instead of just do one thing you could get some more animation and plot like multble choice questions. one thing im wondering is how did you get the idea...

LOL, i never seen a Cheeto game before! i loved the sound effects on the dying big magic cheese-doodle powered floating Steve Buscemi cyborg monster boss master thingy.Keep it up.

Chester would be proud! Great game, good job, keep it up, and all that other stuff.

I never thought being a cheeto could be fun but I couldn't stop playing this game. Great job dude.

The game is great. Animation's amazing. Sound is pretty decent. Provides some great fun. But after a while, it's just not fun anymore. I played through it twice, and the first time was better. I don't know, it was cool, but it wasn't really my thing. As a work, it's definitely near masterpiece material, and it deserved to be on the front page.

And the boss was just fucking hillarious.

It really had no point, i mean it was fun when i had the shotgun but it overall sucked...

that was ok btu maybe u should add more gunz and by the way an aug from cs dosent sound like a shotgun you should use the m3 or even the n()()B
cannon but anyway it was ok

that game was really fun it would of been easier to kill the boss if u told us how to beat it and if u had a special weapon that didnt run out of ammo still kick ass game

This was an awsome game and it was fun with the cheat in the end. the only hard thing about it was changing weapons. if there was one botton that would just flip thought the weapons like (s) since it's right next to (a) or if u changed the shoot botton to (w) since it's right next to (1,2,3) and in the middle. other than that the game kicks ass, have a good one man, keep up the good work!

I liked it. It was very very laggy. I dunno if it was just the comptuer i'm on (pentium 2) lol. I liked the concept though. I was satisfied.

This game was real cool, the only problem was the controls, I didn't like 'em. But it was a great game. Next time, make it Hot Cheetos! :)
Smell Ya Later!

It only had one downfall, it needs to be longer

That game wasn't bad at all good job make a longer second one and make it more leet.

what did you say about hentai? do you hate it? if you do... that kinda hurts me:( it an avenge game. that guy voting zero on you is jack ass because this was quite fun:) but it doesn't look like that much effort was shoved into the ass of this portal... still ok though

dude that was great, though i would have liked it to be longer.

that was an awesome game!!!!

I like the shotgun up until you beat it once and get the cheat then I quite enjoy the minigun. I never thought a great game could be such a short one as well.

hey guys make another 1 but wit more guys and graphics.

this game totaly rules and if you dont like then your fuckin demented it totaly rules but there should be more than one level

BOO-YAA dude!!

This game is seriously one of the most fun games ive played especially with the sounds 'killa cheto'!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! would love to see more!!! maybe a pepper next time!!!

I even haven't played the game but the loading was fun enough for me..

try klikking multiple times on play when its loading

Damn What about flamin' cheetoz?

lol that was funny im a cheeto with a purpose that boss level is a bit easy the second time with the ammo cheat try making only one place where you can hit him

Why cheetoh eat self to get life... It is pretty fun, but it got boring fast. the cheat for it was ok... u should have made a story line or sumtin. well, keep up the good work...Alex

Good thing it wasn't suppose to make "sence," since "sence" isn't a word. I sense you did bad in English. But that is just my two cents.

it was ok but is fun to play if youve got nothing to do

Nothing I can say but "Strangely Satisfying..." Good job.

The game hasnt even loaded fully yet and im already having fun...

aparently i have aids....

glitchy, repetitive, and makes no sense. The most fun I've had today

That was priceless! truly unuiqe! Easy.. but pricless.


Shotgun works best on the bee dudes.

mini gun is good for boss.

pistol has no real quality exept an emergency weapon. go back to the start occasionally to find MASS amounts of amunition.

It hella would be a Cheeto Poof. The Poofy ones are the best!

Great game tho, you should just make the jump go quicker, and maybe spacebar to shoot instead of 'a'. Less random. Good game tho!

i like how original it is, its funny too, also i like the guns, i think there should b another like this, but otherwise, FUCK YOU!!

This game was sooooo fucking awsome... good work!!!!

pretty good could have been a little harder and longer but still good

I got a really old and slow computer and makes this game go slow with and without frame skipping. I would of rated higher if I could actually move around with out freezing and stuff.

That was fun! I mean, how random was that?


I loved this game even if it is short it is funny, the fact that it has the shadowrun BGM from the old supernes game as the backround music got it points with me. Also I liked blowing away the anime girls throwing that crap at you.

It was alright and it was fun and easy. Whoever is reading this should play it. Would be great if there was a sequel

i have 2 say that was the funniest "shooting game" i've ever played. That was fun tooo

great game
beebo rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well it would of been good if it wasn'tr so clustered up. the graphics weren't the best either. the neimies just cum out andgroup around you and u can't kill them and u die. this blows

that was awesome dude especially with the ammo cheat
i lved it make killer cheeto 2

that was great. when i saw it on the front page i was like hell yea i gotta try this. i always wondered what it would be lik if a cheeto had a shot gun n now i know. well i never wonder that but u get the point. it was creative, just pure fun. now ill think twice before eating a cheeto

it is funny as hell. doesn't make sense, but random violence as entertainment doesn't need to.

Pretty cool game but you can tell a lot of the humor was influenced by the game Postal and Postal 2

Just the idea of a killer cheeto is awesome!! This was a great game!

Those damn bee things, shotgun should have more ammo...LOL Sweet game, a killing cheeto...ingenius!

Man that was great!

i like this stuff

That was a no nonsense game with style, I loved it!

As i said it was a good game, but it was a bit too easy fro me, ti was even easier with the cheat on, if u r gonna make another add difficulty settings and mabey more cheats

ADD MORE CHEATS!!!!! the gun cheat is is a little too much.

cool game i love hentai

A great idea, designed well and put together in a nice way. not too shabby to look at, interesting bad guys, and my only real critiscism is its a bit short, and more levels would have been nice. all in all, good work.

i really liked the way the game was made not to hard and not to easy ( the first time you play ) the sounds were funny, good job. I would like a sequel ... still its a very good game.

So Funny. So Funny.

damn dude that was awsome i mean holy crap killer Cheeto hahahahahahaha
keep it up man

And the graphics are just as bad.
It's a game whithout a brain, which is what Newgrounds has been issuing lately.

Tisk, tisk.

A killer cheeto never would have come up with that. it twas a jolly good time interactive wit dat game derre. dose dang bees done hurt me.

I was alright, Im goin a little high, but I like shooting things...

wouldnt even bother adding my flash...oh yeah that was one of my favourite games on ng!

its a lil weird but its an enjoyable game just to play,its a pretty good game...

well done

Don't ask me why, but I have made attempts to get it going and it won't load, it simply refuses to, (THE LOADING BAR COMES ON, BUT AFTER THAT IT DOESN"T LOAD) nothing just blackness.

They don't even make flash or know the difficulty of action script. Why don't you newbs even try flash for once before dissing some one elses work. As for the graphics, I bet they were intended to be like that. You guys just need to have some sense knocked in to your heads before you start dissing some one's shit and try a day in their shoes. I would love to see you guy's do any better then him. I found the game to be quite entertaining and fun. Good work.

What do you mean it wasn't supposed to make any sense, it made perfect sense, a giant cheeto goes around with guns shooting at people throwing cans of tomato, star trek dudes, giant bbees with human heads and lastly the guy with the helmet and metal hands that shoots things on rockets. If you ask me, it couldn't of made more sense, and that's why I liked it.



the least entertaning game on newgrounds. i didnt find it entertaning at all

The fact that you used the music from the Shadowrun nintendo game earned this one a 10!

That was Awsome.
There is not much more to say.:)

That was...pretty cool. That was fun. If it was any better, i would've peed myself. Take Liberty in knowing that...

dude...cheetos guns death....how much better can you get....next time get a nice girl cheeto or somethin....on second thought make that a real girl...and naked....w()()t w()()t 5 out of 5 baby!!!

it was different. keep it up! if u make a serious side scrolling game like that it would kick ass, just a sugjustion.

Oh man! That game was bad ass! And Steve Buscemi was awesome! HAHA! Keep it up, bad ass man!

Awsome sideshooter. Funny topic too.

I like the idea but it not very fun it get boreing and it could be more intertain!

I found this game very boring, the controls could be better, and the annoying background soundtrack needs to be changed. Not much to keep you playing sadly.

Wow, That Game Was Awesome, Loved It. My Cheeto Pwnzed All.

Hilarious game,it was TOO wasy with the ammo cheat.....anyways the agme is great,is a sequel coming?

an interesting concept you know with a killer corn based snack but bees?? why!?!?!?

it was a awesome game

i just thought it was funny because it was a cheeto...

Verry Fun and the difficulty makes it hard and easy at the same time. Only 1 problem i sawe is that it gets a lil laggy

It was fun and stuff. I liked the way you used the heads of different movie characters to make the enemies and the Minigun was FUN!!! Keep it up!

those killerbees where realllll funny

but...well not REALLY good anyways


one suggestion, make health-ups more useful... and/or slow the game down a bit...

That one line instantly made me like this game.
But anyway:
The graphics are pretty simple, but effective.
The sound effects are all high quality.
Interactivity....well, 'tis a shoot 'em up. You can do everything ye need to with the keys e.g. shoot, change weapon, jump.
Style......the game oozes it. The sheer hilarity and boldness of the game shows that.
The violence was of course everywhere since 'tis a shoot-em-up.
The humour was above excellence. The word monster....things, were the funniest thing i've seen for a while.

Despite what other people may have reviewed, I think thi was great, and far more front page deserving than some of the other stuff I've seen! Interesting choice of boss too.

Make it a bit longer and perhaps improve the control system and some of the graphics are my only gripes.

Keep up the good work!

and this is on the frontpage? this piece of crap?

i guess Tom Fulp smoked a lil bit too much when he saw this, guess it looked much cooler then, eh Tom?

The game is just.....well its...something a 3 year old with good flash skills would make. The guy has potential but his brain just wont grow any older than 3 years old.

Yeah sure it was pointless,dumb, nad overall stupid but it was a very fun games especially with the weapon vheat at the end

its not a cheeto at all its amacaroni noodle and that game was the worst shooter ever i mean the adventure of butt or whatever that crappy game was is way better than this shit burn in hell mofo

I thought it got kinda repetitive... but never the less, i loved the bees. bees bees bees! yay!
im giving this a 9

That was by far the wierdest, but funniest game ever on NG!!!
I especially loved the name of the boss!!!

This is 1 derranged idea, but its gr8!!!!?!?!?

What are you smoking and where can I get some?

pretty sweet, but why a cheeto...

Funny, violent and good fun to play, just the way i likes em. Wish it had more levels though. Good job!!

Hahaha.... .classic.

The game is to funny, and to much fun. Love the Steve Buschemi boss.

I enjoyed this alot better than some of your other games, and i couldn't beat the boss until i read the tips lol

A fun game which i spent a couple of hours on but some things took ages to find out so heres a walkthrough:
First off you answer your phone when it rings and its some pervert alien wanting nood pics. So go to a Bridge to the right carry on until the wall then go down. You will see Betty from the flinstones naked. Buy 2 grams of crack from her and go back to the bridge. Talk to the lady and when doing that go on items and select the crack. She then gives you her nood pic, Do the same thing with the woman at the bottom left corner of the island she will give you another pic. Then get to the arcades and go to one of the machines of either side of the room and score over 10000 pts. The monkey one is much easier! Talk to the old fat man and he will give you a dirty pic of his naighbor.
Next go to the fishing shop and get a rod and the most expensive bait you can buy. Then catch around 50 good fish and go to kirby cafe by walking back across the bridge then going up. Sell the fish to make lots of money (get over 7500).
Go to the start of the level to the dolphine show and fish in there? Then get the bracelet and ruturn it (Her across the bridge again) for another dirty pic. Finaly get into your yot and do straight down into were the orange lines are. Then find the shovel and a herb in the tree maze. Then go back onto your yot and get back to sexyisland and find a cats grave and dig it up with the shovel. After that go to the vodoo shop at the top left of the island, then talk to the cat lady and select the herbs while chating. She will grant you one wish. Then click on the dead cat and it will come back to life!
Go to the posh lady who's cat died and click on the iten screen, on the cat and she will give you a nood pic then the final final part of the game is going to the statue just above the vodoo shop. Walk up to it so the picture of the statue comes up. Click on its right eye, so you can transport on the 5 nude pics and then answer your phone. Its the aliens! they thanks you and they give you a free dick enlargement so you win you win.
But still... That bloody fish thing takes all day!

That was really nice but more lvls would be great. anyways a great game and fun wit cheat mode thing.gj

This game is not only funny but brings back the 2d scroll shooter that has been lost in the pool of 3d fps. Very nice sound btw.

That game was totally bizarre. But I admit i can't say i didn't like it! The only bad thing was that the final boss was too easy...
Make a sequel!

really quirky but its a fun game to play

ok....what ever the game was pretty cool. but really strang enimies. :]

Whoa...That was some kick arse game! Even while it was loading and when you keep clicking play gives you some humour while your waiting. Graphics were nicely done, sound was ok, I would have prefered a song, but thats just me. Nice choice of guns too, and when Steve Buscemi came out of the water, that was just the icing on the cake. Brilliant! Looking foward to your next submission! Well Done

it was very good. i had lots of fun killing all those people and especially killing Steve Buscemi. Good job. Keep up the good work.

great game man proper bo i tell they the ammo cheat is great and the boss and the level is great but the ppl you kill could be like walkers crisps and that would be jokesbut the thing you need is more levels and a life cheat great game

This was so randomly chucked together (in a professional way, of course =') ) that it just... made sense fron a non-sensical point of view. It was a funny game - and it was enjoyable to play for a good 10 or so minutes of my life - granted, not very long playability, but since most NG movies are under 6 minutes, I was playing this for longer than I was watching those!

Anyway, keep up the good work - AND I WANT MORE BEEBO!!! :'(

Puffy cheeto's make me feel a little queezy. That cheeto looks more puffy than crunchy. That's Shadowrun music, right? Nice choice. The game system is very strange, and definitely needs some work. I wasn't really sure where the shot went from... Like, sometimes it seemed the shot hit people closer to me than it looked like it should, of course, when i turned around the end of the shotgun barrel went like, half way across the screen, so it was a little annoying when someone got really close to me. Great job at the randomness of course. I dont often like things so random, but in this one i think it worked pretty well.

this is just plain funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeheeheeeheee knives would be a good addition though!

Well, it isn't the best game in da world, but it's funny, 8 on sounds for the CS shots ;)

this kinda sucks graphics werent bad it wus jus really borin

The only thing you ahve to do is shoot....

How the hell gave it a six. They said they liked it. KroNoSoMe is right, what the hell was Sniper-2000 thinking when he was reviwing this? SAying it's good mean you give it a good rating, duh.

IF it was so amazing why do u give it a 6, fag !
It deserves a 10

This was a really good game!!

it was really really easy though..i dont think it is front page stuff but as ive been told what do i know!

This is a kickass game man. i would like to see more.

I liked this. The gameplay was simple yet fun, and the fact that it ran at 60fps made it flow nicely. Deserves a maxed-out sequel.

but a little too easy

HW game dude !!!!!!

best game ever oO.........oO.oO

I liked it.

The game was fun, is ammo cheat part of the egg? :)

That was very cracked out, however I found that the enemies came at me too fast and when I shot it froze up for a moment making the jump key useless.

Very nice work

Awesome Game!!!!!!!!!!! I love the fact that I am a cheeto with guns.

P.S. In respons to the mini-gun question:
Hold down fire and it will shoot sooner or later. Let it get warmed up a bit.

Hehehe, that was cool, but whats the minigun for? we didn't get any ammo for it..did we?

Im not sure how something this stupid, random, pointless could be fun...but it sure as hell was. well by the third wave of enemies the game lagged like crazy til i killed some stuff, but other than that its just retarded goodness

ahah far out this was realy fun to play keep it up dude ...IM A KILLER CHEETO!..dun dun ...duuuuuuun

I though I was good, but couldnt find the (if there is one) egg

its always been m,y dream to see a cheeto kill people not only did i get to see it I waz it and hey the ammo cheat thingy waz cool so i had to play iot twicw :-D

Aww man tat was great. I loved it . I can deffinetly see why this made it to the frount page!!!!

I can't beleave that made it to front page, it's truly craptastic.

Not bad, your animation skill is off the hook, i really liked it, keep up the good work

this flash is friggen awsome! i kicked that bosses ass to a pole!


Simple yet entertaining. I did chug a little, but was still fun blastin with the shotgun. And I agree with kaskas, it needs a flamer.

great game loved kicking ass as a killer cheto

I Really liked this game. I don't think alot of people out there will agree, but to heck with them I've been a devoted cheeto fan since i was born. My only complaint is that it was to short. I thought it was funny and i had fun!

Another great submission from Godfart!

I loved it the whoel thing rocked. I figured out that the graphics dont have to be perfec tif the concept and game play kicks that much ass. Hope to see a lot more. You are so on my favorite list.

good times great fun. I kicked Steve Buscemi's ass. I also like all the voices in the game, good job.

this game was alright nothing special. I give you credit for putting Steve Buscemi in it. I couldent beat him. It was too hard for me.

I liked it, played through it twice as a matter of fact. Good stuff. Love the shotty =)

No plot, random slaughter, Warf of Star Trek, big guns, odd boss, time consuming... beautiful. Graphics got a little glitchy durring the mass murdering with my friends Mr. Shotgun and Ms. Mini-gun. but otherwise a great game to consume time with, good job

For so long i ahve wanted to play a game with a killer cheeto, and it looks like my time has come. awsome game, make more, MANY MORE!

hmmmm, to the person who gave it a low score because it lagged, don't dock him point cuz you have a crappy computer.
This game was random as all hell, I think thats partly why I enjoyed it so much. The reason you didn't get a 10 was I wish it were a bit longer and the creatures were a bit repetitive. Overall great game.

its fun, good graphics, sound that fits, and violence! funny cause your a cheezie too.

anyways, you should add a difficulty setting too, because that game was very easy for me.

good game though, nice work.

this game needs a flamethower

HAHAHA this game was awesome, definately original, I'd love to see a sequel.

it was alright...but.. it kinda lagged alotta bit.

definatly a good game, should make it longer,more weapons,more enemies and it wouldve been perfect

Wow this is a nice game!! keep up the good work... oh yea u should add more lvls and more cheats!

funny,runs smoothly,and its original
the only problem i have is that if there is an easter egg in the loader i didnt get to see it....yay for 3.3-3.9megabit connection im guessin it was if u press the play button alot,well i got to press it 2 times b4 it was completly loaded....so u should make it another way to get to it....as for it being a hidden butten,well tab werks so the only buton was play...

and i like the cheat,the minigun is useless until the last boss because if u just hold up u'l do alot of damage to him as well as stop the missle things and dodge most of his attacks,theres should be more cheats tho,like if u beat the game with full life or with full lives

which i did both with the ammo code....the last boss fight was lacking a bit tho,mebbe add another level ad some puzzle stuff to make it better

lol great game i never thought playing a giant cheeto with a hand gun, shot gun and mini gun would be so fun. you only need more levels because then it would be more than just a 1 time playing thing overall great game make more and i hope you make more

couldve used more cheats and more levels though

that was definatly...ummm...different, in a good way, very original, i like the way on the first part were the cheeto was like...im a cheeeeto, fear me...caus the voice sounded like agent smith. good game for the young and old, and middle aged, but its kindof a play once, rate it, and never play again, maybe, damn im typing alot, im gonna end it. now.im such a loser.(lol)

Killer Cheeto, fresh..

More levels though ?

that was a great game it was a little short for my liking next time try to make it longer other that that the game was great the boss was funny too.... HIM RULES

theres nothing better than a shoot em up side scroller with a cheeto simply great man keep up the good work.

u should have made it bigger. those things just gang up on u and u don't have enough space 2 run

fun game, but make the cheeto smaller so you can shoot more people w/o being shot! otherwise, great game.

the beginning when u press play without it loaded made me crack up "I pushed i guy into traffic and said april fools"

i haven't even played it but it soundslike my poetry i put the not make sense line in every poem disturbingly weird how alike we are no?
well the random i must commend you on yes i must im musty musk rando
i leave you with a mario and luigi phrase
fink rats "I HAVE FURY!"

dude, this game is fuckin awesome!!! please make a sequel and make it longer!!!!!!!!!

i've always wanted to be a giant rampaging cheeto :D thank you for giving me the oppourtunity

this game is VERY fun but it is pretty short, but you could probably get pretty succesful by making a series out of it.... other than that its an extremely fun game that is completely random, and almost every succesful movie on NG that i like is a mix of these two, so u did pretty dam good!!

OVERALL 5 out of 5!! great job!!!

shoot the bugs in the air, yeah when I shot maybe it was too early but yeah, easy game make more levels really funny and kewl that he like talked and stuff reminded me of the old kewl games that they do that, they still do but yeah, kinda all whispering and shit but yeah he was like "I AM A RAMPAGIN CHEETO FEAR ME" and shit that was funny I wish you would have made it longer but then again it was the first, hopefully the first of many! luv it! props man!!

One of the best games here totally random. Fun. Props.

I Loved It!

It was violent, random, a little stupid, and completely pointless. In other words it was the perfect Newgrounds game. I love playing with the ammo cheat, make another with more guns.


its ok what else should i say

"The big magic cheese-doodle powered floating Steve Buscemi cyborg monster boss master thingy"??? OMG that was a funny game! I give it a good rating for that alone. I really like the concept; normaly inanimate Killercheeto shooting things, fun stuff. There is only one thing I found was a little off; and I know this would make the game way too easy, but I didn't like the start up time on the machine gun. Other than that it was quite amusing and most pleasent to play. Also MORE LEVELS PLEASE ! :-D

I mean it can't compare to any other type of game in its own genre.... Almost every other shooter out guns this.... It is too short... 1 level isnt very much.... All enemies are the same and repetitive... It also made no sense... Just complete crazyness... It was just a 5.... Just crappy.... Nothing new and nothing good.... It was bad really... I would recommend this if you "CAN'T" play better things.... Or are just completely bored...

The first time i saw it had good graphics and stuff but theres one thing!Whats up with that gay gameplay like omg.You die so fuken easily like non stop!

Man wish theres more weapons and modes you can play or do!Once I died I got fuken bored and left!

I can't believe people think this is hard. Just read the tips and you can beat it with no effort. I beat it on my first try.
I hate the minigun because it took forever to load up, but I never even used it until i got the ammo cheat mode. The shotgun is the only way to go. Once you get the shotgun, this game is cake. Just walk back and forth to find extra shells.
Anyways, awesome concept (I love cheetos) and interesting game. There is no way this is the worst game on newgrounds.

Die Steve Buscemi Die,

I would also like to point out that killing everything else was fun too. I think that this game could've been longer But it is good.

P.S. It deserves a survival mode!

This is probably one of the best things on NG right now. I loved the gameplay, the randomness of it and the "I am a Cheeto with a purpose. Fear me"Overall 10. I just loved it

I got a lot of fun with this game, it won it twice

That was a strangely fun game, although the only real fun I had was when I got the shotgun, but never the less it was pretty cool. It could be a lot better, but what do you expect from a cheeto. The one-liners were cool too.

It was pretty fun just to be a killer Cheeto.
I like the SNES shadowrunner music, Hardcore.

It's good enough... But its quite boring :S

Bravo!! I love the idea of a killer cheeto! Bravo, I say - Bravo!!

a good game i like your style it should have been longer

it was a fun game, but not a game that i would play for hours on hours. I like the originality

Not the best flash ever but it certainly had a load of killing and shooting in it, which makes great fun for all the family, hehe.


The Graphics could have improved.. Style wasnt great and the game has lots of violence.. Which makes it better.. so its good..

its too easy i dunno specially the boss. n the whole ammo cheat makes it dumb extremly easy fun tho.

I played that game over and over again but couldnt manage to find its weak spot. Good game, make a sequal

PS:were they throwing pockey?

I give u an eight in graphics, for the blood explosions when you use the shotgun. A seven for style, I like side-scrollers. Nine in violence for the blood and guns. Six in humor (you're a fuckin cheeto!). Zero overall because it was a stupid idea for a game, and if I want side-scrolling action, I'll play Alien Hominid, which has better graphics, sound, interactivity, violence, and humor as well. Come up with something new and interesting.

-The Bi99man

What was the point of this unplayable mess besides watching hundreds of midgets shoot my giant unmissable orange blob until I 'lost'?

Did you even try this thing before you uploaded it? This is barely a joke, it's not funny and it's been done better about a dozen times.

even though the game was good, and kinda hard, i hated what the message was, i mean, comon man, if you really dont like anime that much, just pity it to yourself, not on new grounds

hell yea that was great this should be a consol game

Yes! Yes! This was awesome! Just pretend I'm referring to each individual aspect of the game when I say I was entertained from the moment I started to the moment I finished! I'll enjoy seeing this on the frontpage! Keep it up!

That is a hard ass game... you lose points for insane difficulty

Except the game is INSANELY diffacult..

But one problem; it was pretty hard to kill everyone cause they all rushed at you all at once. But still cool and funny


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3.65 / 5.00