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Stick Doom 3

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Good Flash


That was an epic flash animation! Best part in my opinion was when he takes the Revenants shoulder rocket launchers for his own use.

By the way, does anyone know what music plays during the hellknight fight?

cool, the sounds are awesome.

i personally found it inspirational. most of it is stick figures, of course. but you can tell what enemy they are if you have played the game and it looks like you could do these graphics in a day. it was very well done and action packed. it showed me that in my flash animations the graphics didn't have to be perfect to work, so thank you friend. by the way, you should make a stick doom 4 as it should be coming out soon. this animation probably is a four but i gave it an extra because it inspired me. it probably won't inspire any viewers unless they are struggling with making flash realistic as it serves as a good example.

Cool Dude !

This movie is so cool !

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awsome movie!

cool how it was stick men then zoomed in and showed the monster from the game too! you should make this a game !

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2.59 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2004
12:20 PM EDT
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