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MY filesize was extremly big so i had to make the photoshop effect quality look like crap.My intouched movie is on my deviantart account {go too my profile to get the link}.This is my second movie done so i hope you enjoy it.

From deep within my mind i conjured up this plot for the movie.It begins with a mental insititution where it then leads to a man.Entangled with his jacket we then begin to dive into his mind.there we see him stuck,imprisoned in his own mind.Then the man looks about and spots a door.The light from the cell window begins to reveal more of the door.Creeping to the top of the door the light spots the figure of man.Astonished,the imprisoned man runs quickly to the door.a momentary stare down ensues as the figure behinds the door pupils grow white as he sends the prisoner flying back and hitting the wall.The prisoner stumbles up and begins rubbing his injury as he looks up the figure of a man begins to fade away.Enraged by the attack and the self confinement of his own mind,The prisoner begins attacking the door.He begins to cry as whales out a tremendous scream.The prison begins to shake fiercely.As he stopped the door begins to become extremly bright as it quickly disappears leaving a new passage for the prisoner.He walks through the new entrance as the room grew pitch black.The prison he was once in was now nothing more then a mere memory.The dark room immediately becomes white as he ventures in the abiss of nothingness.He begins to sense the presense of some kind of entity.Behind him stood a man with strikingly simalar looks to that of his own.He had the same phisice, but his clothes were dark as his counterpart was white.The most definite difference was the mans eyes.He looked at the prisoner sinacally.He grined evilly at the prisoner as his pupils grew white.A vortex enshourded and began to suck up the light.The room grew,dark,cold, and errie once again.The evil man began to walk toward the poor tortured soul as he quickly vanished .He He reappeared right in front the prisoner.The man grined evilly as he then pulled out a key.Confused the prisoner looked at as then realized that the evil started to point at the sky.Though still dark,the prionser began to realize the man held the key to his own freedom...and his own demise.The prisoner begins to demand the key as the man ,yet again, grinned evilly.The prisoner had enough as he punches the evil man.The fight begins as the battle for sanity eruptes.....



wow...no words can describe. None. At all.

HiddenPurgatory responds:

Some people cant conjure up the words to describe the movie or how they feel about it.So dont feel left out.Thanks for the review!


this movie was really powerful man.... it sort of made me realize that i am indeed insane... im not going to get into detail about my life, but rest assured it has seriously changed my outlook on life. you should consider becoming a social worker or something, cuz u can really show people the way with some of these flashes

HiddenPurgatory responds:

Well thank you!I try to express my thoughts that run through my head come to life.Im glad my movie has made you see differently on the outlook of life.Thank you very much!


the music did it justice

HiddenPurgatory responds:

Yes the music went well with it.It set the mood and tone of the movie very well.Thanks for the review!


That was well made and seemed somewhat random. I wonder if this is really what it is like to be insane. If felt weird.

Also, why did the music have to be Carol of the Bells? It's out of season. I'm sure there is other suitable music in the Audio Portal or elsewhere.

HiddenPurgatory responds:

Hehe,after i made this movie many people started treating me differently.I chose carol of the bells because its a great piece of work and it inspired me some more to go forth with this movie.Thanks for the review!


I didnt really understand what the fuck was going on but it was done nicely.

HiddenPurgatory responds:

Well your not the first to understand so dont feel left out.Im glad you liked it.Thank you for your insightful comment.

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2004
10:21 PM EDT
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