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ludas animans Ep. 2

rated 3.66 / 5 stars
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Apr 7, 2004 | 8:02 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Before you watch it, MAKE SURE THE QUALITY IS SET TO LOW. If it isn't put it on low, the blur effects will look really crappy if the movie is set on medium or high.

Episode 2 is finshed. I started working on Ep 2 immediately after Ep 1 Pt 3, and I practically finshed animating it after about 5 days since there wasn't any complex animations I had to do. All I had to do was animate the last scene, then add the sound, then it would have been done. Only it seemed I had no idea how I was going to end this episode. Originally, Chris and Lou were to arrive at the town in the last scene, but I noticed that the scenario I intended to do for that town would have added an extra 5 minutes or so. I decided to hold off on that scene until the next episode. I also didn't work on it for a week or two because I was busy playing some new games, although two of the games I went through aren't technically new (Grandia Extreme and Xenosaga [third playthrough]). I already made a rough outline (though out of order) of what is going to happen in this story arc, so hopefully I won't get into a lot of standstill's when I make new episodes.

WARNING: This episode contains no action!! So if you're the type that only likes action, then you'll most likely be disappointed. I'm brainstorming episode 3 as I type this, and I already have the core idea of it, I just have to find fitting backgrounds for it. That's about all I have to say. Hope you like the movie.

Movie Stats:

Approximately 11 minutes 26 seconds
20 Frames a second
11599 total frames [UPDATE: 11717]
Frame Size 611 x 362
22 Sounds
Made with Swish 2.0



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool.

Yep the series is good as allways. I Liked when the chick jumped in the water. I asked me self hes good at getting background stuff. Is the watter gonna jump and sploosh or is she just gonna fade into it. hahah you pulled it off. Also you dont leave ur e-mail in ur movies or ur profile. I need to get ahold of you and NG doesnt wont e-mails or web links in the reviews. Could you plz click my user name and e-mail me so i can contact you?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nice

Well done. I liked the RPG battles and the jokes associated with it. This is a very good series


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Good story, good sprite movie, good music, everything is GOOD!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Smooth Animation

I can safely say without exxageration that this is one of the best sprite movies/series I have ever seen. By the way, my E-mail is if you are interested in making a game based on ludas animans. I can send you some of the stuff I'm working on right now as a demontration of my actionscript skills. I also have several ideas for the game already.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A belated review

Whoops. I can't believe I managed to miss this one when it came out.
Anyway. The graphics and sounds are good, as is the case with the previous episodes, and the animation continues to flow smoothly.
It's good that you took the time to further the plot- action may be good, but it's always better to know the story behind it- so few of the action movies around here have much of a plot to speak of. Speaking of which, the storyline's starting to gain momentum now- I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes next episode.
I also liked the jokes in the episode- particularly the jab at annoyingly frequent random battles in RPGs. And Lou losing his equipment to a school of Rip Van Fish (They always were nasty...).
Keep up the good work, KNanakase!

KNanakase responds:

Thanks for the review. Yeah, I have a hard time making any type of joke since I pretty much suck in that department. I'm glad that the ones I managed to make were noticed. I'm about 7 minutes and 36 seconds into episode 3, so I that will be released very soon. That one has some more RPG references to look out for. Glad you liked it since I had my doubts about this one doing well since it had no action.