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Apr 6, 2004 | 3:25 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Ok let me just say now that this moive is about 10 minuets long… Now with that out of the way… This is a film that was never made, to be seen by any one, it was only ever something that I worked on it bits and pieces after not sleeping for 3 days and stuff like that. I never thought I’d fill up the 10 minuets of the song, but I did, and a friend saw it a few days ago and made me promise I’d stick it up here. Now because of all that, a lot of this will make not sense, and has a very strange style, there hardly any “real” animation… And those of you that noticed it looks a hell of a lot like my last movie, well done, I was working on this when I got the brief for that, and used the same style and ever some of the same drawings… any way enjoy… or not…



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Well done...I like the song and this video, although lacked much animation was alrite...and the good thing is...I CAN PLAY THIS SONG ON PIANO :P lol...cause it just basically repeats on piano ^^ Well done btw.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Where to start?

I love this song, and I may be being a little bit harsh because I didn't feel the animation did it justice, although there is obviously a lot of emotion behind it. The movie got better as it went along in a few aspects... it started to make a little more sense, and the video started merging with the ups and downs in the music (although that should have been done throughout the movie). One of the main problems I had with this movie was that it kept using the same scenes OVER AND OVER. I understand that it's a long song, and you might want to reuse some things, but that was ridiculous. There was also very little animation... only zooms and fades, and a few minor things. This was essentially a slideshow, which may have been what you were aiming for, so thats ok... it just started to get a little boring between that and the repetitiveness of the scenes. And, this may be a little picky of me, but the "I Hate You"'s were over the top. I just don't think the singer does. But, like I said, thats just my opinion, and I don't hold that against you. Very good art though. Also, Konstantine is only blonde in one scene...

HotCod32 responds:

Thanks for the review! :) its very cool to get good long reviwes. I agree with you on a lot of points... and yes its basicly a slide show, there are reasions behind that, that i'm still devloping for other work (but thats a whole diffrent story and would take to long to get in to) the "i htae you"'s were over the top, which was kind of hte point :) the reuses of scene was kind of a sticking point for me, i always wanted to do more, but you just get to a point where you are just sick of somthing and messing with it any more can only do more harm than good. but ya... thanks again :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice work...again

after 70x7 i didnt think you would be able to live up to your expectations, but you proved me wrong. btw, i have a proposition of sorts for you, PLEASE respond with an email address i can contact you at


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This was good, but its basically the exact same idea as 70x7... Same idea and feel to it... Cept its a different song...

HotCod32 responds:

well like i said in the comments, i had been messing with that when i got the brife for 70x7... and the style fited so i used it (even reused some drawing) so yes, its basicly the same thing... but thank you


Rated 4 / 5 stars

How Adorable Can It Be

I must admit I was not expecting this type of thing when I clicked the link for the movie. However, it was very cute and even touching in an odd, badly-drawn cartoon heart sense. I really liked the way it was all played out and I will admit I even teared up a bit. (Then again, I will bawl like a baby during Konstantine) Bottom line: I loved it.

HotCod32 responds:

hehe ya that song always makes me cry (yes i'm a big dirty emo so sue me) but becuse i was only every drawing for my self, and not trying to be good or to aboid clishes, it dose end up haveing a cute sweet charm about it