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Murray's Flash Review 1

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I think Newgrounds has become too corrupt in its ways and I can no longer get a real review on my work, thus I'm leaving, most people wont care but *Typo it back see it here:


I'll be releasing a new cartoon reviews similar to Edge on there soon, hope to see you there

Toodles Newgrounds




This was a strange entry. It wasn't particularly funny or interesting. The animation was VERY minimal and nothing happened. I note that no more entries have been made in this series, if this entry is any indication of what they would have been like, this is a good thing.

I have seen those.

This was was interesting. I have seen the falsh in question that he was reviewing. I can see you were trying to make the mistakes help make this funny. I think you were trying too hard. If you decided to do more of these you eitehr need to do it all spoof or all serious. You were some where in between, it didn't come off very well.

A good start

It was good, but wasn't groundbreaking. Murray should be more vicious and evil. like he laughs every so often. And he should have reveiwed more movies. The only thing i like was the preloader where Murray says "WHEEEEE" I found it funny. I hope you do another one.


I had an idea for a flash reviewing flash awhile ago I just havent had the time. You got the idea but the flash was shit... You reviewed one movie... and its a talking skull that doesnt do anything but lay there and move its jaw repeadtly in the same way.

and that pre loader almost made me x out the flash...

I think im gonna persu my idea and make a real flash review flash

It was ok.

It kind of just made fun of that skull being such a jackoff it would be cooler if he talked alot more about the flash cartoons.

It would be alot better if you remade the skull with really nice lip sync since you see him talk through the whole thing.

Some of those pics were funny.

I hope the real versions of this cartoon get funnier.

Confuzzled responds:

Although i see your point i cant go changeing Murray! He's the same skull from 2 Monkey Island games and to go changieng him would spoil the hole point of it being called "MURRYS flash review". In the next 1 he will review a little better but will at the same time b more funny (and we have a lot planned for him MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!)

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2.71 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2004
2:23 PM EDT
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