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The Hurricane: U R

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The Hurricane: Untold Reckoning. The story of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, what they wouldn't tell you. Enjoy!!!!



The flash itself was kinda odd and... well... randomly violent. I liked the sound and animation, but that story had potential to be more... you should tone up on your plots.

You Evil Asshole!

I'm just kidding!......that was alright, but maybe you should have made Denzel go buckwild on that cop...you know like that scene in Pulp Fiction where the cop is butt raping Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis kills the gimp.....that would be awesome....but I think it was funny how Denzel just bitchslapped the kid....just PRICELESS!

bob dylan, Yah!

Alright, first off i would like to congratulate you on either having good taste in music, or just for putting this song on hear, anyway. kudos.

Graphics: not good but not horrible.
Style: great music, really moved the flash along
sound:you get good marks just for having a dylan song in there
violence: pretty freaking violent
humor: pretty funny.

Yay. Porn!

Nice. I like the animation, but the voices sounded a bit too muffled. Oh yeah, that one frame of what looked like porn really spiced it up.

very bad timing with your animation

Nice music and the introduction was quite cool and exciting, just the movie that let it down a tad. Graphcis and voices were good but the animation timing was just so out! Mouths moved at the wrong time and just opened and closed like fish, which lowers the flashe's score. Good try though.

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Credits & Info

2.45 / 5.00

May 31, 2000
11:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody