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This simple but compelling stereoscopic music vid is my entry for an animation contest that Veloso invented for animutationists, in which we all had to use the same sample of music from the new 2004 Lemon Demon album "Hip to the Javabean". See http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/159729 for the other entry that mine won first equal with. HOW TO SEE IN ST3R3-O-VISION(TM): Cross your eyes so that your right eye sees the left window and your left eye sees the right window. It's the OPPOSITE way around to a "Magic Eye" thing.

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well for a classic film here this was pretty good some really nice visuals it started off pleasent then went crazy afterwards so that was kind of interesting I do like the scary elements of this whole piece here you have some nice ideas here

not sure I would change anything on this old classic


Well, that was unexpected. I was looking at the thumbnail and was confused. It was a drawn image. Does this even count as an animutation? It is worth it near the end. I wasn't scared at all.

Maybe it's too cartoonish. It's certainly unexpected. You fooled me! Well, in the time it would have taken me to write this review, it would have happened anyway. As in Isis?


What? come on,Lemon you've done better.
(still worth watching)


Was this suppose to be scary? Well, it's not.

TmsT responds:

Your pants tell a different story.

You scared the freaking SH** out of me

Crap dang it I hate screamer flashes. But it's not as bad as that Colorblindness test at ABS.... Gaaahhh.....