Lazlow Radio #2

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Lazlow Radio #2 (Part 2/3 of Reed Tucker)

From GTA 3 Comes Lazlow Radio listen in as Lazlow Takes calls on his radio show...

~XwaynecoltX~ .... My (20th) Movie




pasty guy who lives in parents basement....lol


Good job X! I liked this one better than the 1st. The audio was longer and funnier. It would've been funny to see the scrawny pasty guy who lives in his parents basement... what a stereotype... lol. Anyways, the window with the cars passing by was a nice touch. The radio station is very colorful, lots of good posters everywhere. Hope to see more of Lazlow Radio!! :)


I liked it, but I think it would have been alot better if you had made it longer. Maybe a better background, or shots of both Lazlow and his interviewee. I played through GTA3, so I have heard this before, but for those of you out there that haven't, give it a try. Its pretty funny.

There was nothing thoroughly impressive about this

Still, it was mildly amusing.

If you came up with the audio track on your own and recorded it and everything, no offense, but I would suggest you get someone to help you write out a more humorous or witty dialogue between the DJ and the author.

I do think that projects like these have potential, and it would have been funnier if we could have seen alternating shots of the DJ and author. Have you seen Crank Yankers? Something like that. But it would even be funnier if you had the background or situation change with every alternating shot. I dunno, think about it I guess.

Good job.


while it was sort of a good premise, I've heard lazlow already. It was a lot more fun listening to him while running over ppl or doing jumps, than just staring at ur poorly drawn art. Heh. I do respect you though, being the guy with probably the most reviews ever. Your dedication to NG is admirable.

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Apr 4, 2004
11:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody