Yoshi's Payback

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Yoshi gets annoyed with the way Mario treats him and decides that it's payback time! Enjoy. :)


scene 3 saved all!

luved it

The third one was good

Yeah the first two were alright I did however like the third one interesting fire mario fight scene. I really think people need to stop doing Matrix stuff the concept is really getting tired. I was kind of tired of the Matrix parodies after the first one was made. Anyways if you want to really blow people away try an original concept parodies are cheap humor. Original concepts alway interest people more than the umteen-billionth pop culture rip-off. Oh and Luigi is totally going to bitch-slap Yoshi like he was Sunday morning trick.

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not bad

it could have been longer but it's good

I totally agree with hailthymaster

we've seen this done countess times, and it wasn't een that smooth how you made it to front page i don't know but your lucky . try something different like the mario reloaded its a new idea and it's great. I suggest you think of new ideas or start fbf.


Graphics: Ripped Mario sprites with some altercations, altercations that have been seen countless times before.

Sound: The music was nice, with a nice quality to it too.

Interactivity: Choosing a scene was nice.

Style: Done in a way that is memorable, somewhat. Decent, at best.

Violence: Satisfing, if you love Yoshi and hate Mario a guess. However, this Flash relies too much on it.

Humor: Well, if you've played the games, you might get a chuckle. It kind of appeals to a limited audience.

Overall: Overall, I can't find much to say about this Flash. It was decent, but not front-page worthy at all. My advice would be to take more time to make your Flashs entertaining, and appealling to a slightly larger audience.

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2004
9:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody