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Well, interactive menus with a kill john game, a dressup doll section with the imp girls, canceled projects, trivia and 18+ art.Need any fries with that sir?



hehehehehehe KILL JHON HAHAHAHAHAHHA omg good episode to

Extras are awesome!

I like the awesome extras, they're really, really cool. They're a bit funny I guess. I like the "KillJohn Game" and the trivias. Trivias are really funny. I really love them. I already know how you guys look like (expect for Hentai Boy). Keep the funny going.

shadowed destroyers, WTF?

No seriously, what the hell is wrong with you, it's only episode 8, so why should this count, it wasn't even a latest thing, but that aside, it's nice and it deserves a 5, but there were some errors, but it's not like you can change that


Remember me. The one who reviews every flippin thing you put out. The one who put part 2 of sonic up half a bit by constantly voting. Well i must say i really don't like your imp interactive thing. Its just hasn't got that classic factor. Now i am going to weep on the grave of me liking all your submissions. :(

Another good flash, Roger!

Graphics- As I'm aware, this is in Roger's older style, so it isn't as good looking as his most recent movies, not that that matters! It's much better than anything I could draw :P.

Style- Again, I'm aware this is his older drawing style, and again, it's better than anything I could draw.

Sound- Slightly annyoing in places, but overall, really good.

Violence- I'll quote something I said when playing this, so you know what I'm on about when giving this a 10 "I'm gonna kill john again, and again, and again" It took about 15 minutes to get bored of that :P.

Interactivity- Very interactive. What, with the John killing game (yay,violence!) and the dressup characters (Yay,boobies :P !), this is sorta like a game.

Humor- Just the 3 different ways to kill John are hilarious, never mind all the extra stuff, like failed movie ideas (some of which could have been pretty funny), character profiles and THAT annoying song in the profiles screen, is all brilliant.

Overall- Another top notch attempt by Roger, however with extra interactive stuff added! Congratulations to all involved in making such a great series, I envy you.

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3.48 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2004
9:15 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other

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