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Naked With Apes: Day 1-2

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There is now an updated version, please watch that one instead!

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/440182


Day 1 - Our teacher is the devil
Day 2 - The girl with blue hair

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OHWERMERGER!!! Finally found it. I saved all the SWFs back in like 2002 but then I lost them and I couldn't remember the name of the series. I finally remembered "Ether". This series was awesome!

OMg !

i don't even play and i say omg the *naked* one


That was Amazing
The humor was classic... " we're going to Thailand " amazing really funny
LOL at the other dude he's like fricking insane like Blockhead !!
The Bar scene was pretty nice... that bald guy was awesome

Maximum cool!!!!! :D

This was so funny to me!! Why did she keep on getting in that slide? I love it! XD

An Instant Classic

I am rating it accordingly to it's era.

This has to be the most original animated flash series I had ever seen. Graphics (for it's time) where done actually pretty good, they could had been better. But hey graphics dont make a game or flash animation perfect, it's more it's style, humor and sound. (for flash, in some ocasions interactivity) And for games is gameplay, sound, style and interactivity.

The sound was made very good. Effects well made, voice acting sometimes got down but it was very rare, each character voice (except Ether) was done awesomely and with enthusiasm. Although Ether never speaks, you actually can see her feeling because she actually have reactions and feelings, we can clearly see all of the characters expressions.

Style and Humor... do I need to say more? It's an original, funny and well made animated series.

Overall, an instant classic. Congratulations! I like your sense of humor, and of course your Naked With Apes series =D
Keep up your good work, I hope to see more flash like this in NewGrounds, but it just had started to fall, as the majority of all flashes have quality like this =(

Anyway, thank you for this flash, and continue like this. Have a nice day mate.

(Also CarbineSoldier or Gunny)

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2001
11:02 PM EDT