Transformers: Reloaded

April 3, 2004 –
May 10, 2011
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Same deal as usual. A music video I made on my PC using Adobe Premiere and my Transformers The Movie DVD. Hope you like it, but if not, meh.


i thought that i was watching a trailer for a new transformers movie i was really fooled there.........9

I was impressed by this flash. I hope Revolutions is even better.

VERY impressive. I though it was great, I really enjoyed it. I had to listen hard but it was worth it, it fitted everything in perfactly and was really worth watching.

I thought it was pretty well done. I'm a big fan of Transformers, and Rob dougan whom created, the song used for this video. The song if anybody is looking is called "I'm not driving anymore".

Nice movie, boy! :D

man this looks so awesome! :)

It looked bas ass but i didn't know the sounds are from the Matrix. Well hope you make something like that but a serious though. The Transformers kick ass!

definatly a great tribute to a time long before the animated abortion that is Transformers Armada.
Great edit work. the matrix voice track blended perfectly with the animation. I had no idea the old Transformers Movie was out on DVD now. now i gotta start savin my pennies. Great work, keep it up.

It's nice to see someone is actually editing the video instead of just slapping some clip with a music track.

Not only that, but you did it rather creatively using one of my favorite movies of all time. Great job.

You know I've seen alot of music vids on Newgrounds (so many about DBZ just none any good) and well I have nothing against people submitting this kind of stuff because innovation counts more then effort to me especially on Newgrounds. But the crap that I've seen would always be poorly constructed, have lousy picture and the music wouldn't fit the animation.

:) However you have successfully put something together that puts that garbage to shame! It took major forethought and was carefully constructed. The video wasn't choppy either it was clear! I'ld say anyone who wants to put together a music vid from video footage and submit it to NG should watch this. It's the way to go. I especially love when you added Morpheus saying isn't that worth dieing for to footage of Prime's death. GREAT!

That was great dude, well done! You can watch and review my cartoon if you want, its called Chinchilla XZ

As a child I grew up with the series, and I have to say that this is the best tribute I have seen on New Grounds as of now. A few pointers though...
I honestly think this whole animation meets music concept is getting old. If you should incorporate this theme, try to bring a new feel to it like interactivity.
You should buff up your description a tad, it sounded really dull and being the first thing a viewer witnesses it should have some padding.
Overall though this is a kick-arse movie, and I hope to see more in the future. Well done!

whaha i don't like transformers but..
if u make it in matrix style .. :D it would be awEsome..
keep up the good work ^_^.. hope the movie gets long..

Manga reloaded!
Lol good work :P


i told you

i told u but you wouldnt listen

damnit they ARE more than meets the eye



i need to see that movie

Transformers the movie rocks the hizzouse!
too bad the matrix sequels sucked balls....
but a greatflash by the way!

Good job. Its not bad at all. I never seen transformers so i shouldnt really care.... well keep it up. Your friendly vampire... Vash

I'm not much of a fan of Transformers, but whatever. Interesting, most of the clips fit the script, but a couple didn't. Not too shabby.

Man thx for this!!! Man that was awesone!!! You got my five on this!!!

Was kool. Thanks

**Death To Seasons**

..You Know The End..
....Is Coming When....
....Your Tears Turn ....
.........Into Blood..........

Just freaking awesome, I love transformers the movie, I actually bought it on dvd when my vhs died from age.

I saw both movies, each I liked. The footage used matched the Preview Audio perfectly...and I might add, I'm pleased to see that the footage wasn't pixelated at all, and looked crisp! As did the footage sound crisp! Like I was saying, everything went well together, and if you really think about it, they may seem as two random combinations, but not really; The Transformers movie revolved around "The Matrix", which is a small capsule containing some kind of untouchable power contained by Optimus Prime until he died and passed it on to that "60 Seconds" guy (you do of course know that character was played by the guy who was the announcer for 60 seconds, right? Listen closely...) and yet, The Matrix revolved around the Matrix (duh), which is a large computer program to...arrgh...I don't feel like going into it...besides, you know what I mean!

Anycrap, this flash is greatness! And because I've never heard of you before, I'm going to check out your other stuff. Peace Out!

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

Nothing special.. Nothing original either.
Just scenes from Transformers( not a fan ) with a few words from matrix.

This is not flash...it was a nicely cut movie though.
But again, this is not flash.

That was a pretty good movie. The Transformer scenes you chose really fit in with the soundtrack. You also did a great job with the sound. The synchronization was great. :D

That was 100% coolness you took two of the coolist things in the last 40 years and combined them in to some thing that the chirlden of tomorrow will never understand. thaks for warping there minds. no really i mean it. that was totaly asoum.

Alot better, Transformers own Neo and the rest of the bitchass crew of the nebacanphukholes.

It was good, real good. nice blend of Transformers The Movie animation with audio from Matrix Reloaded! i enojyed both movies.

I'd ratherTHat wwas even better than the actuall movie. Then again the actuall movie blewand sucked at the same time

I don't personally like Transformers, or the Matrix...but you made it all fit together really well. I'm sure someone out there would love to see the merging of those two.

not bad, not bad at all

Hey, I clicked this, expecting something stupid to do with the Matrix, I was pleasantly suprised. Keep it up. I wanna see more from you.


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