Frog Trigger

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The Chrono Trigger FF1 Sprites were NOT made by me but made by Kyle B Specter (mysteriousvoiceguy@juno
-This animation is indeed no quicky, the file size is large because it has lots of audio and the movie itself is very long. So put down the Quality if you want to view it better.

- Those two other people had nothing to do with the movie I just put them there because I feel like it kthnxbye



LOL, you Pwn... with a capital P. Any movie with l33t in it instantly gets at least a 3 (unless the movie sucked horribly) but I'm giving you a damn 5. LOL, the cheesy humor was great, the Sienfield door was great, and I lauged at the DOD sounds. Keep up movies like this (not hate ones) and you'll be on the front page, or close to it. God bless this movie, for it has roffeld my waffels. Damn fine job, and keep up to good work you crazy bastard. BTW, you must really hate this guy. LOL, oh and do you play DOD or did you just rip the sounds?

TheGoldCrow responds:

Im happy you liked it and...........BAZOOKA


i found it quite funny, even if it dissed me, but Leo didn't do shock. Plus it's not yugioh moderation, i had Admin at the time :) Plus I don't normally talk l337 in normal convos. What I really like is how that twat, Vince said this ruled in his review but trashes it everywhere. What a Hipocrit! (did i spell it right?)

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Well, I did see the gay jokes, but where were the racist/sexist jokes? Either way I thought most of it was funny. I would tell you how I feel about using flash to make someone look gay and/or inferior to yourself, but I know everyone will keep making them. So, aside from the whole point being to call someone gay, good job.

I loved it!!

man that was a realy good movie! It was so good it should be put on the homepage of newgrounds the only thing that sucked was that you had to click on the boxes when they were talking but o well it was a realy great movie you NEED to make another movie like this but why was it called frog trigger??? please respond to my question.

that was fucken great

it was alittle too long and it should of had more sexx in it but otherwise it was great

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3.88 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2004
5:45 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place April 4, 2004