Frog Trigger

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The Chrono Trigger FF1 Sprites were NOT made by me but made by Kyle B Specter (mysteriousvoiceguy@juno
-This animation is indeed no quicky, the file size is large because it has lots of audio and the movie itself is very long. So put down the Quality if you want to view it better.

- Those two other people had nothing to do with the movie I just put them there because I feel like it kthnxbye


Oh Yeah!

Awesome just awesome.

I agree with ledgendary blade.

That was good but where DID you get that frog theme remix? It was so awsome man. BTW That part with Lucca humping the Crono doll was kinda stupid. I'm not really in to that stuff.


Where did you get the Frog Theme remix?


I thought that was really funny.... but lucca and marle shoulda had voices too... I'm sure SOMEONE would have been a voice actor. well I liked it, I suppose that you would have to have played Chrono Trigger to get it, but I did so I liked it.... I like swords too :)

TheGoldCrow responds:

Well I could have used the voice actor that I used in that Kingdom Hearts animation I did. Unfourtanitly she just seems not to come on AIM anymore :P.

Thank you for the review.

That was sooooo funny

I love the 2 parts: 1 where Frog ponders and Cyrus says: I'll fight the older, more experienced Roly while you fight the younger, more weaker.........Lavos.

Other part is the very end. Now THAT was funny.

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3.88 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2004
5:45 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place April 4, 2004