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PICONJO in Tenchu Gaiden

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This is the Greatest Piconjo Movie, I worked on it so hard for 3 months without and days off. all of my dedication goes out to "you" the fans.

oh, and never forget that...

Piconjo <3's j00.



It was... Ok but the sound wasnt to good nad the fight against the boss should have been longer.. That fight was quite borring... Else it was ok keep up the good work!

Piconjo responds:

piconjo luves j00 :)


I actually didn't like this movie. The only own-drawn thing was not very impressive. Backgrounds which are real picures,...
I can understand why certain people like this. Don't shoot me because I don't...

Piconjo responds:

piconjo luves j00 :)

settle down children

It seems that some people on newgrounds can't take a joke. There are parodys of EVERYTHING on this site...and everyone seems to find one that for some reason they have a problem with. It's all in the name of fun, don't take these too seriously...I know your going to stay up some nights and just worry when the parodys of this are going to stop...but you know what...YOU CAN'T STOP IT! So anywho...don't worry, everything will be fine...I'm not the biggest fan of piconjo...but I'm not saying disrespectful things to and about the creator...So you people who wanna step, Bring it to me!

*Muah* ^_^

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Piconjo responds:

ogm teh best piconjo review ev0r, <3
im glad you understand piconjos humor.

piconjo <3 j00 :)


This was great!Actually pretty good animation too!Best piconjo movie so far!Keep up the good work!Why dont you make all piconjo movies as great as this one?


Piconjo responds:

piconjo <3's j00 :)piconjo <3's j00 :)piconjo <3's j00 :)piconjo <3's j00 :)

Not Bad

I actually like this. You really managed to coordinate the movie well with the music. Anyhow, like you said...this is Piconjo @ his best. Keep up the good work.

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Piconjo responds:

piconjo luves j00 :)

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Credits & Info

2.09 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2004
2:20 AM EST