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PICONJO in Tenchu Gaiden

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Author Comments

This is the Greatest Piconjo Movie, I worked on it so hard for 3 months without and days off. all of my dedication goes out to "you" the fans.

oh, and never forget that...

Piconjo <3's j00.


that was pretty cool

cool song, niiice swords and good choice of backgrounds even if they were just photos..only thing that needs work are the characters themselves..c'mon dude..you cant have an awesome ninja movie with sticks, oh and you need to work on the actual action..just running and slicing a random person gets really repeditive...now then..to blackhaku...this guy is not trying to copy pikanjo's action style..thatd be realy hard to do..and perfect murder is by luis...not pikanjo..soooo many dumbasses on this site..anyways..good movie..make full bodies next time

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Piconjo responds:

piconjo luves j00 :)

What the fuck?

Nice swords, but.....WHAT THE FUCK MAN? That cannot be picanjo dude, IT'S A WANNA BE PICANJO STICK CHARACTER, I MEAN, YOU WANT TO SEE PICANJO? Look at The Perfect murder. Now that picanjo.

Piconjo responds:

piconjo luves j00 :)

fucking stick shit man!but fight was good

Author's comments:
This is the Greatest Piconjo Movie, period.
this is your opinion and yours only.

Piconjo responds:

piconjo luves j00 :)

*sniff* well...

It's better than that crap you tried to pull with Those other accounts that look like good people. Man, I hate that you copied the GREAT pikanjo. That and you haven't made any original characters yet.

Piconjo responds:

awww dont cryz... because.......

piconjo luves j00 :)


Reminded me of "The Last Samuari" It was cool though. I loved it.

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Piconjo responds:

im glad j00 luved it, becasue now i <3

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Credits & Info

2.09 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2004
2:20 AM EST