XIN Session 08

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UPDATED!! 3/11/2005
Now upgraded with VOICES!.:)

This session basically winds down towards the finale of the first chapter of the series. We can't believe we've come this far, but it wouldn't have been possible without the support from the audience.:) Thanks everyone. This session doesn't have voice acting yet, but we've just started work on adding voices to the characters, so the dubbed version should be updated eventually. Thanks again, and we hope you have a great month.


Awesome just Awesome

There is no other for that flash

Ghai Sucks!

Ghai is a little wimp. Sure he acts tough, but Mil has more going for him in this then Ghai ever had. Ghai even makes Jix look good. The only reason I found it remotely funny was because of Ghai! He makes me laugh, ok. Xin is certainly laying his mark. But I got one question... Where Is Andre? Huh? Where?

Started out poor, but the end was good.

I'm kind of shocked to see that this time I preferred the fight to the story, I think it's probably due to the fact that the story section of this one wasn't very interesting but this time the fight was really interesting to watch, due to the fact that it was quite gripping as you were wanting to see if Legend would manage to escape and make sure that Mrs Jix was safe or not and you brought Mil into it fairly nicely. I did like the very start of this though with Xin in Zumi's room it was a fairly nice set up, but you didn't show enough between Xin and Zumi and then it didn't really get interesting again until Ghai entered the nurses office and went to attack Mrs Jix. That part was nice as it brought in a further sense of the relationship between Legend and Mrs Jix and it was good to see Ghai exploiting Legend's one weakness, Hopefully you'll expand on the relationship between those two in an upcoming episode as it would be fairly interesting to understand it more clearly, as it's fairly plain to see that Legend's in love with her, but it's not clear enough about whether she feels the same way about him or not. Once again I wasn't too keen on the graphical style and how you'd gone over the lines and also how you could see through parts of the characters, it was partcularly bad at the start when you showed Zumi from behind and how she was just a black shadow, as it just looked really poor to see that full of holes. Once again the sound was poor, the original sound problem was back once again as there were three crackle sounds right at the very end, you should probably look into that. Also the sound quality for Mrs Jix was just really poor and it didn't sound right compared to the rest of the sound at all. And finally the voice acting for, Legend, Mil and the bald teacher was poor whcih kind of let the movie down as due to the poor acting you weren't drawn into the movie enough.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


good one

awesome 8th Session and great finale to Chapter 1.... Chapter 2 is great too.... i can't wait to see the finale to Chapter 2 also.

Hopes there is more to come..

Xin is a great animation.....and hope there's more to come love the fighting style as well as the creativity of all Xin movies, great, it keep you wanting to see the other episodes....nice..Well hopoe there is atill more coming up...i will sure look forward to it...and oh yeah...by the way great work congrats. hope there is still more to come...cause i'll be waiting see you.

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Apr 2, 2004
3:51 PM EST
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