Kids on Drugs-Elvis Lives

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This is the second KOD video I made. if you want the mp3 of any Kod stuff go here: http://www.badverts.com/kod/mp3.htm
Kod Fan Club (lol as if!!)



(plz correct me tiny flea)

i dont think this was about elvis at all, elvis is just a great singer to use to get a message across

i think this is really about the media and the adverts that try and get us to buy things we really dont need.

i think the rest has a meaning too like the big dfat man part but i really dont have enough time to figure out how to write all my ideas that spring from this amazing flash.

great job one of my faves

your vid is cool...

i like the fact that your vid is very will done. but elvis has been dead for like 20 years....make one about george bush or sadam....but elvis?? camon man he was the king...

great one

I finally have time to review, I'm a frequent visitor to badverts, and I'd just like to say this one is one of your best. Even though the end repeated more than I wished it to, this is one of the best flashes and original music I've heard in a very long time.

Keep up the excellent work.


What the f*** was with the naked women? It was sick in a bad way... It wasn't very funny... It was stupid...

I'm a big fat man

though i don't have any money and work is for chumps. It had good music and it got the point across. Good work. Make more KoD. It was good like the first.

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Apr 2, 2004
5:02 AM EST
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