What a Day

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This was my final project for my Radio and TV class in sophomore year. I did in about a month and a half. It ended up winning a film festival at my school, as well.

Plus, in case anyone was wondering, this is not "What a Day" by Nonpoint, it's a song I wrote and recorded. Just in case anyone cared.




damn that shit happens to me way to often...but instead of pushing it off...i putch the and pick up my pack of cigarettes and smoke about 5 cigs...butt other than "I can relate" shit it was an awsome movie...and you diserved to win that prize thing.

I love it!

*dances* This is great.

Any chance you can make an MP3 of that song? I'd really like to have it on my compy... And I'd probably put it on my iPod as well. That'd be so awesome!

Good song and video

The only problem I could find is you can't sing my freind. If you could find a singer then play the song and the video again This would be an uber-awsome flash, but right now it's just cool.

I can relate

Just wondering if you have ever tabbed out that song that you wrote for this flash. I liked it, and as a guitar player, I would like to learn it.

Wow...is a 3 letter word.

I can see this as a series....
This video could be shortened and turned into the series intro^^
I loved it, you've really got some major talent.
Take the series thing into consideration, you could probably even make T-Shirts and stuff, I'm sure people would buy them^^
I would!

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Apr 1, 2004
7:27 PM EST
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