ASK Agent Smith!!!

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Straight from The Matrix, we get Agent Smith to answer some of his fanmail! (Note: This movie is supposed to be boring since Smith was only action packed when he was fighting. If you watch the whole thing and pay attention to all the jokes, then you will appreciate it and it's original concept.)




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MakefunNotwar718 responds:

WOW? 10 for this? Thanks! ;) I knew it had potential but I thought I didn't make it too good. Well, thanks for the good review! =D

Not your best, but......................

Carson, lenno, letterman, or the late, great Lenny Bruce hit a home-run every time out. The thing is to be consistant, and that you are. It's time the world got some fresh comedy. Not since Robin Williams, and John beluchi (I think I spelled that wrong, oh well) have I heard something other than the normal comic relief. Sat. night live has gone to shit. Everybody has the same old over-used material. Keep up the hard work and get out there, and give us something to laugh about again. Inspirational huh, LOL

MakefunNotwar718 responds:

LOL, yeah, this submission isn't that good. It was an idea I had that I THOUGHT would be really funny but it came out horrible, not including the graphics. ANYWAYS, good review, DOOD!

he cant do drugs if hes dead


MakefunNotwar718 responds:

=) LOL.

It was actually ok...

First off, good graphics. Wow... a review that starts off with a compliment... you dont see that much on this movie. LOL. I'm not going to be like everybody else and comment on how AS's voice is'nt good. Actually, if you would'nt have spaced or draged out the sentences and somehow gotten a slightly deeper voice (scream for 30 min. and then try it, it works for me, lol) then it would have fit. Nevertheless, it still gets a 4. Style and humor both get an 8 because I think the content was actually funny. Go figure. Frogger was great, the elite naked pig training was superb. Violence dosent make up for nasty jokes, so there's a 1 in that... wait, thats right, I forgot about the ghetto guy! (Changes violence to 4) Interactivity is 1 because there's play, and repeat. It dosent get any more simple than that eh? lol. Good job, I liked it, and good luck in the future. Damn fine graphics, just work on the voice acting and you'll be made.

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MakefunNotwar718 responds:

Thanks man, great review. As I said before, I realize that it didn't come out as good as I intended, but I still think it was a funny/original idea. I'm glad you liked it! ;)


I dont like your sense of humor, plus you need a better voice actor for smith

MakefunNotwar718 responds:

Nuffin Muffin, you are as confusing as a Haitian prison riot on fire. First off, i KNOW my Smith voice sucks and secondly, if you don;t like the voice then why did you give me an 8 for sound??? LOL.

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3.44 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2004
7:18 PM EST
Comedy - Parody