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An ad for presidetial hopefull John "I'm A Vet" Kerry.


Good to see some balanced flashes.

Well, there are a few too many Bush flashes as funny as they are and Kerry is much harder to find material to lampoon. I'm impartial to either side and I do see a LOT of hate being flung around from both sides. Though the majority seems to be the angry extremist republican side, there ones from extremist democrats and a few more moderate critiques from both sides. In terms of how well this flash was made, it was poor but most likely not a serious effort compared to Wolvie's other flicks. So a 9 just to put it in line with some of the Bush movies. Keep up the good work.

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kerry sucks.

that's not much different than from something he'd actually say...

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I don't see how anyone can really support the current president and the attacks against John Kerry aren't very relevant. The president is the actual one that is a "flip flop" and sending mixed messages. First, we went to Iraq for WMD's which weren't there, and terrorist links between Iraq and Al qaeda, which weren't there. Then we're there because Hussein was an imminent threat, but wait, he wasn't. Now we're there because the Iraqi people had to be liberated from an evil dictator, which Hussein was. But Bush's message is this: No matter what the facts are, I'll maintain that whatever I'm doing is right, and I won't admit when I'm wrong. The facts say one thing, but Bush ignores them.


This flash was great, but I have some comments to add to Sarek and Axe25. The problem with the really hard core democrates is that they act like Republicans are all morons and evil people. They make unfair and unfounded claims that don't make any sense. For example, in Wolvie's Kerry+Edwards <3 .1 some one said it was just the typical "dumbass republican" making fun of the democrat to feel better about themselves. Isn't that a huge contradiction right there? They act so high and mighty and come and blam these spoofs about Kerry and even tell Wolvie to die, which is just wrong. I get really mad about those Bushisms books and posters and how everyone says he's doing a horrible job and then use these half-fact, half-speculation to prove a point. If people would make a clever spoof of Bush that didn't revolve around a stupid qoute or the war, I'd probably laugh.
Well enough of my ranting. As I said before, good job. I laughed and it wa sshort enough to not lose interest.

aw, come on.

I concur with Axe25 100%, the demacrats have engaged in enough childish politics for the demacrats, republicans & all the other little reform paties out there combined. we don't really need to stoop to their level, but I, after viewing both campains objectivly & without resivation, not only support Bush, who has been at the wrong end of too many things like this, but I dispise Kerry more than any other individual I know, & seeing as I dislike to border-lining on hating Kerry so much, I give this a 4, which is rather generous considering the childish nature on which this was based.

& to all you demacrats reading this; ask yourself, sence we are fighting a war on two fronts, is it logical to switch from a great leader like Bush to a pool-abiding, lying, tratorous, irratant like Kerry? I say "No, it is not."

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Mar 31, 2004
4:54 PM EST
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