Urthen: Rampage (Beta: 3)

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UPDATED: 4:00 PM EST 3/31/04
See below for updates

Before you say Beta? BLAM!! please at least test the game. It is fully functional, though not completely polished. In the final game, there will be:
Better graphics
(Better) Sounds + Music (They are included)
More spells
Tile Balancing (Less chance of not being able to cast a spell)
More monsters
More locations/levels

There are some bugs, mind you. I cant seem to figure out what is causing them. If you found a bug, or want to help with a bug, contact me via AIM (urthenrampage) or E-Mail (urthen@paranoidstudios.com)
Thanks, and enjoy!!

UPDATES AT 4:00 PM 3/31/04:
Added sounds+music
Added MUCH better intructions
TILES NOW COLOR CODED!! This alone makes the game 100x easier!! Please try the game again if you didnt get it before!!
Alternate keys added for those who dont have numpads/dont want to use them. The keys qwe/asd/zxc are now also used.

Changed it so you no longer have to hit the tiles in any particular order.
Improved the instructions a little.
Also, now there is another monster!! This monster has 4x the HP and moves 1/3 as fast. The difficulty determines his chance to spawn.
Fixed a bug where the multi-shot would never spawn. (This may have fixed other bugs too.)



I dont get it?

Yeah its a good idea but i dont really understand it and its kinda crap but keep trying and i have to be honest really sorry for the bad ratings but keep trying hard ok :)


this game is shit man olny thing about thats its good is a its a game lol :P sorry for the bad rating but i gotta be honest cuz sorry

good but you need to make more versions

this is the start of a really good game, i understand it is beta, this game could make front page if you redid the graphics controls and all that. The only problem with this, I think a game that is this complex needs to be written in JAVA cause it can support more stuff but tackle what you think is possible. I think this game deserves a 8 because of it's creativity.

not bad

it was funny killing those little things not bad


Yeah. I laughed a bit at killing helpless blobs. Anyways.. I got full concentration and my computer froze.. then a popup with a confirm saying "A script is causing macromedia.." blah blah "if this continues, your computer may become unresponsive. Abort script?"

Maybe it's just on my computer.. so I aborted it and I just kept killing a row of baddies.. then i right clicked, pressed play and it told me i won, then i lost and it restarted. A bug?

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Urthen responds:

Yep, thats a bug allright. I <THINK> I fixed it. The bug that caused THAT bug, however, is still out there.

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1.94 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2004
9:38 AM EST
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