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I had some cool Ideas about alil ComboCrazy Mini Game, and Rift nailed it on the First try!!..
Simple, one stage game where the enemies come at you from each side..
Easy to beat, !! Unless you go for combos!! try and figure out different ways to raise you score by juggling the baddies!!
Boss Tip: Attack the Head till Dizzy, then attack the body

****Tip for a cool juggle
Hold Foward while kicking, this will repeat only first kick, and not complete the combo.. by the third hit, the enemy will be high enough that you can jump up and air Kick combo.. then shoot and repeat:)
Rift got a 21hit combo!! what can you get?


Wow! Great Amazing Scrumtastic!

This was a cool game but i didint like the arena style battles, it was sorta anoying fighting the same guy over again but HEY! great still!

-The Blue Kirbys

The Game is good

One thing more stuff like moves

great but

this is a great game but that boss is really hard!!

and yess i know you made alloy arena too but isn't this to close to alloy arena ??? try somthing knew ya know? somting we havent seen yet.

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This Rox0rz

To those that don't know how, ya'll are just trying things too hard with the boss, i guess, for it takes a lot of patience... It takes 6 hits to the head to dizzy it, which means the use of the jet is necessary... Then when that's done, shoot him anywhere you want as long as you keep some distance from each other... To dodge those cannon blasts, make sure he's firing on your side, because it curves... You need to be at the corner at all times, and if he gets too close, use rush to get away from him and get to the next corner... Seems impossible, but it takes a lot of patience and determination... This from a true game master, live and learn, ya'll


Dude this game is killer keep making them!!!

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3.76 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2004
5:02 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place April 1, 2004