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I had some cool Ideas about alil ComboCrazy Mini Game, and Rift nailed it on the First try!!..
Simple, one stage game where the enemies come at you from each side..
Easy to beat, !! Unless you go for combos!! try and figure out different ways to raise you score by juggling the baddies!!
Boss Tip: Attack the Head till Dizzy, then attack the body

****Tip for a cool juggle
Hold Foward while kicking, this will repeat only first kick, and not complete the combo.. by the third hit, the enemy will be high enough that you can jump up and air Kick combo.. then shoot and repeat:)
Rift got a 21hit combo!! what can you get?



very kewl game you made. the boss was kinda hard tho, oh well i guess i sux at this game then lol

great job

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Hey not bad!

Hey that was great and all, but when i reached the boss i tried combos every where on his head his torso and the boss dmg percent didnt go up at all...anyways its a good game

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I got a 17-hit combo. What a cool idea for a game. Awesome!


g00d j0b br0

0nly the b0ss was kanda dificult to beat

Good Game

ok, so before i decided to make this review i played the game a few times because after the first time, my review would have been something stupid like "this game is crap der dee der". Then after i played it like 5 more times i've found the elements that are lacking in this game..
First off all the enemies are way too lame... all they do is run at you and stand where you are standing to hurt you... then don't even bite or take a swipe at you.
Second is that if you are going to make the enemies "fight" the way they do but moving all over the screen, then your main character should be able to move and shoot or kick a little better. Moving at a walking pace while two robo dogs follow you on the screen just doesn't cut it. This would also make it easier to juggle the enemies as you could actually follow them off the screen
And Lastly, some variety would be nice.. at least different colored robo dogs or something... Just killing a certain number of those things to get to the boss doesn't seem that worth while to me.

these are merely suggestions... take them as you will... nice game otherwise... you should make a sequel or another version with these changes in it though

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3.76 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2004
5:02 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place April 1, 2004