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I had some cool Ideas about alil ComboCrazy Mini Game, and Rift nailed it on the First try!!..
Simple, one stage game where the enemies come at you from each side..
Easy to beat, !! Unless you go for combos!! try and figure out different ways to raise you score by juggling the baddies!!
Boss Tip: Attack the Head till Dizzy, then attack the body

****Tip for a cool juggle
Hold Foward while kicking, this will repeat only first kick, and not complete the combo.. by the third hit, the enemy will be high enough that you can jump up and air Kick combo.. then shoot and repeat:)
Rift got a 21hit combo!! what can you get?


Nice..Could be better though.

The whole thing had a nice presentation. I thought that the repetitive music was kind of familiar...I think from that one GHOSTS movie.. But remixed . I think that you should of used more music a given the player an option to change it. Plus more well designed enemys and attacks would be a improvment. Good job, do more with it .

nice game

Don't have time for any review today, but since someone brought it up: to kill the boss you need to stay in the air for the most part. Just tap your thruster to keep yourself at head level and shoot for as long as possible. The big guy'll probably fire his gun long before you exhaust your burn. When he does fire the gun, stand just in front of him, then sprint run to his other side after he fires (remember the shots track you as they head down!). Wash, rinse, repeat. I beat him my first try.

Good graphics, nice soundtrack and sound F/X. And gameplay was pretty good (consider a wider variety of enemies and maybe another boss...these are merely suggestions for future submissions.).

Again, nice game man. Keep it up!



the boss is way to hard to beat i tried like 10 times and got pissed so i dont want to try again

kinda like alien homide

i like'd it, but its to slow. and i can't hurt the boss


not front page worthy to me

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3.76 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2004
5:02 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place April 1, 2004