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Author Comments

I've had this in the works long before 'The Passion' but if it was anything like it, it's be Passion 2: Return of the Christ.

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no komment

yeah i'm a catholic......

but not by choice. so this animation was really good. the only thing is that at the start of your animation you have, "he died to saved us from our sins" so if you fix that, this is a kick ass animation. amen

i am a christian and.....

personaly this movie doesnt bother me, i would not blame jesus if he had done that, oh well he will be back to kick some ass in the years to come, at least you didnt try and make him look gay or stupid like the other parodies do

master chief

mmmmmm yeah its good but remember its your fate

the real wrath of the Lamb Rev.6:16

I didn't mind a lot of the cartoon. Though it was obviously sacriligious.
I do have a problem with the fact that they forgot to mention the resurrection.
Remember Jesus raised himself from the dead. then 40 days later he ascended into heaven. The reason I don't have a problem with Jesus coming to kick some butt is because when he does come back in the end-times he will unleash his wrath. Not upon just Jerusalem but the whole world. Jesus and the Father will unleash their wrath upon all the earth. Also all those who do not believe in Jesus will suffer the consequences. When a non-christian dies they are first caste out of the presence of God into a place called hades.(Luke 16)People are hurled their because they are sinners. Since God is pure from sin He does not allow it in His presence. Here their spirits are tormented by their own sin like a person being eaten by tape worms and suffer from the isolation of being with out God. Then at the end God will judge the world where all these sinners will be hurled into the lake of fire and feel God's wrath.(Rev. 20:1-6) Before that, they had only experienced separation now they have to look Jesus in the face. It will be a glorious day, no one will be undeservingly punished. We'll get what we deserved.
Some people think that God will be ok with them on account that they wer ignorant(or mindless idiots!)
Being an idiot doesn't stop you from getting killed when you walk out on the highway though.
Some think they can protest and make a big speech about how bad God is. But the bible says that God's reaction will be that He will sit in the heaven's and laugh.(psalms2:1-5)
Oh sure, you could seek God's forgiveness and be saved. but your too good for that aren't you?

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2004
6:30 PM EST