Sherbert the NG Cat

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This is a really basic clip of an audio recording I made of Sherbert, the Newgrounds Cat, meowing after Tom left for one of his classes. Sherbert always makes a fuss when his beloved Tom leaves him. So here is what he sounds like, with a real crude image of him meowing to give some visual stimuli. Sometimes he makes much more of a fuss, and runs all around NG HQ jumping on things, and knocking stuff over.


Superb in it's simplicity

I mean, how could anyone not like Sherbert? It's simple and cute.



Know what you mean

Yeah, my cat does that too, but she does it when I try to sleep. I turn on the radio to try and drown it out.

Aww, so Sherbert's one of those whiny cats, eh? =)

Jeez, were you holding a gun to his head when you took that picture? He looks terrified! Well, either way, the shitty mouth animation rocked, and I'm surprised you took the time to record Sherbert crying for Tom. It was really cute..aww, wi'l Sherbert has separation anxiety!

Isn't it sweet how almost a half of the reviews for this movie are people writing in to gush about their own pets? Just goes to show you how powerful the love of our animals is.

And, while we're in a lovey, cutesy-poo mood, congrats on your new baby! ^_^


Sherbert's a great name for a cat... When I'm in my room with the door closed and my cat's left outside, one might think she's dying if he/she hears the noise she makes. At least Sherbert's voice is cute... My cat sounds like she smokes a lot.

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3.32 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2001
2:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original