Sherbert the NG Cat

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This is a really basic clip of an audio recording I made of Sherbert, the Newgrounds Cat, meowing after Tom left for one of his classes. Sherbert always makes a fuss when his beloved Tom leaves him. So here is what he sounds like, with a real crude image of him meowing to give some visual stimuli. Sometimes he makes much more of a fuss, and runs all around NG HQ jumping on things, and knocking stuff over.



awwww sherberts so cute..... ok that was dumb....

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Mabey it is a good inside joke

Mabey it is a good inside joke for you guys. I know that my family has plenty for our two cats, but it just doesn't seem funny to me becuase I do not know Sherbert.

O my god this is great....

When i started watching this i laughed cause the cats mouth looked so funny but then to make it even funnier my dog started going crazy so i watched it an additional 5 times just so my dog would run around the room looking for the cat lol.....

ok i am an idiot

But i happen to like cats. especially orangey ones. Not to mention, I am a bit frisky today myself

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Cats.. .

I don't care for cats, so I saw the movie to be quite pointless. I'm sorry, but that's the way I feel.

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Apr 19, 2001
2:58 PM EDT
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