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Sherbert the NG Cat

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This is a really basic clip of an audio recording I made of Sherbert, the Newgrounds Cat, meowing after Tom left for one of his classes. Sherbert always makes a fuss when his beloved Tom leaves him. So here is what he sounds like, with a real crude image of him meowing to give some visual stimuli. Sometimes he makes much more of a fuss, and runs all around NG HQ jumping on things, and knocking stuff over.



Animals are funny. sounds like she's in heat.

Simply Amazing

I cannot express with any words how wonderful that is. so simple yet soooo funny. maybe its cause i like cats, or because i like that monty python looking animation. but still wonderful. sherbert is definately one of my favorite cats ever. great... great... great......

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Wade you are great :)!!!

Crazy cats, I had a cool cat too.


I have two cats, prozack & Twiki. Twiki is verey freindly and Prozack is insane. Anyway the movie has funney graphics, a strange but good style, the sound is cute, im glad there was no violence, it didnt need interactivity to be good, and it was realy funney.


I like cats. Therefore I like this. I like this a lot. I like cats alot. I have 3 cats. They're nice. Except Spooky, he's a dickhead. I hate Spooky. But I like most cats. My other cat fell out of our 3 story apartment building once. She's kind of crazy now and doesn't clean herself so I try not to touch her. Cats. I like them. Except Spooky. He's a dick.

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3.32 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2001
2:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Original