Bitey of Brackenwood

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Update: Feb 2007.
This movie is the basis for the new Brackenwood game called "BrackenSack". Check it out at my site.

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For me, Flash online is the perfect medium for any storyteller to reach a global audience... even if I do eventually become a live-action film director (one of my ambitions) I will probably continue to use Flash in some capacity. I love it like a brother :)



This is so cool, one of the best movies here


basiclly what that dude said cept id like to add hahahahaha funny..........bitey's a wee bit mean but he's still funni

One of the best animations I've seen.

As anybody can see from watching this movie there has been a lot of work been put into this work of art. Even from the very first scenes, the look of the forest I can tell (as anybody can) you are an amazing artist. Not only were your graphics great but the smoothness and detail of your animation was flawless. It was perfect. Action-packed and brilliant. You music also fits in very well with the story and your animation. Adam, you have done something truly remarkable here and you must make more to either this to make a series or make up some great new stories and animations because I can't wait to see what you in store for newgrounds next. Keep up the excellent work mate.

That poor little squishy thing.


my friend i commend you on your vast talent. i am very impressed. it was'nt very long but it got a point across like the last guy siad it did'nt have violence or sexual content to use as a krutch but the animation alone held it up! it was so fluid and very realistic i am absolutely impressed as should anyone who watches this ought to be. the story has a moral but it maybe diffrent for every viewer. keep up the good work and i hope you achive your dreams of being a a live-action director. i'll be proud to say to my children "i wrote a review for an animation of his before he made it big, i hope it helped him out alittle."


This is one of those rare flash works that is able to capture the viewer on style and animation alone. It does not rely on violence, nudity, or even diologue, let alone swearing, to capture the watcher's attention. (although there's nothing wrong blood, swearing, or titties as far as I'm concerned. Its just nice to have a change every once and a while.) The drawing and animation is simply beautiful. The lighting effects are amazing. This work is a prime example of flash MX being used to its full potentiol. The fluid quality to the animation itself adds much to the work, especially in the cases of the yellow blob thingy and the water that carries Bitey off. (Assuming thats his name.) Use of a multitude of layaring effects also adds depth and richness to the overall visual appeal. The characters are well drawn and origional, as goes for the assorted backdrops. The sound, though slightly minimalistic, works quite well in this particular situation. Its truly a tragedy that flash movies of such depth and quality are few and far between. Perhaps this work will motivate fledgling flash artists to hane their skills and create something that can be called truly great. I thank you Adam Phillips for your incredible flash work and hope that your future works may also grace newground's front page.
Best of wishes,
The Drunken Messiah

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4.33 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2004
8:23 AM EST
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