Eskimo Bob 19

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This is a bit late, but since it's not here I'll post it anyway. This is an April fools day episode and is Robert L'Eskimo again. French people celebrate April fools day as poisson d'Avril(literally fish of April), and in tradition some people tape fish(fake mostly, but I have heard otherwise too =p) onto people's backs, kinda like kick me signs. Umm... that info might make you understand it a bit if you don't get it.

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what the hell was that?

i don'tr know if that was kind of inside canadian joke, but i don't get it.

That was good movie :)

I live in Quebec city, so I usually speak french. has you said it, we put some paper fish in the back of other peoples, but only when we are les than 10 years old... On the papers we usually write "Bottez-moi le cul". It means "Kick my ass". This is funny when you're young.

I don't know how the french peoples of europe celebrate the april fools day, but here, in quebec, that's how we do. Oh, I just read another time your intro, and it is ALWAYS a paper fish or just a little piece of paper that we tape in the back of peoples..

Okay, for the movie. I think that was a good movie, but sometimes, the sound was too loud. I had to put off my headphones because it hurts a lot :P

The graphics were good ans the style is unique. There was, of course, no violence and no interactivity.

P.S. Excuse me for the poor grammar of my review :P


AlanMidas responds:

Thanks! And uh... yeah I guess I worded the fish description badly. =p I was talking to some person and apparently him and a few of his friends used duct tape and real trout before, I meant it as a special case, but didn't word it too well I suppose. =p
And by the way, your grammar was great.


#1. i fuckin hate eskimo bob!

and #2. like most canadians, i fuckin hate french people! (no not all of us speak french, it's mainly those losers in quebec....bilingual nation my ass! french sucks!)

AlanMidas responds:

Well, I'm Canadian and I'm not bilingual either, but neither do I hate people for their language, race, or sex. I believe spitting in your immature pathetic face would be the appropriate action. PITTUEY!
I fart in your general direction!

Funny because it's not in English. I am immature

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that was great man.

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Apr 18, 2001
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