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Final Fantasy Piconjomas

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ogm merry Piconjomas
this m00vie is teh touching tael of loev adn presents and p3n0rs. roflmpo!!!111!11
remember, PICONJO <3 j00



after careful consideration and reading pther reviews, i have to agree with the mass. this movie was horible, it made no sence was a lie to the general public, a cheap scam...why would u even make this? i mean, all u did was create a bad name for ur self, and piss a bunch of people off, in fact i'm suprised this hasn't been kicked off yet, it pisses me off, just because of the crappy.....well everything. a matrix loading screen, which was more of a cheap rip off of a matrix loading screen, the tital this kind of movie makes me mad at people like you, but, there is always the gift of being able to restart and rebuild and that is a gift you will always have, so don't make a crappy movie like this again, next time make something decent...

No Final Fantasy

thatas one of the worst flash films ever. It claimed to be a final fantasy but there was no such thing. also the loading screen showed a matix thing but there was none of that. It just was a sleezy way of getting ppl to go oooh final fantasy flash.. then ramming in a chocobo which was damn small to ride. get you rlash titles right or i will be seriuosly mad!!

It sucked, more of a reply to the last guy.

I normally don't do reviews, and regardless of this flash being garbage I'm more replying to the idiot he reviewed before me. Yes, that's right. Aparently "love-anime" is going to hunt down the flash artist and kill him. Guess "love-anime"'s pops didn't believe in freedom of the press of free expression. Nope, just as always no one learned anything from the events of 911, they just respond to violence with more violence. Pathetic, then you invite people to influcence how you murder someone else. Not smart enough to think work it out on your own are you? Ah, I hope you come to your senses, but of course being the idiot you are you're going to continue to be angry and spread rage. To bad you weren't taught any better as a child, your father "rest his soul" would most likely be ashamed of you. Either way, i'm done ranting. I'm dislike fighting with other people.


where did you grt the pic from the wall?

I can't believe that you have gone this low.

I saw another movie by you, "Piconjo Besitzen Sie DVD", and I thought that it was excellent! I loved it so much that I wrote an entire review in leet, just for you. After seeing this movie, I regret doing that. The graphics were mediocre, the style was horrible (This would have been much better WITHOUT the sex and the penises!), the sound was excellent (the only good part of the movie), and there was absolutely no humor in this. If you think that this is funny, you are obviously a very sick person. Overall: 0/10

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Credits & Info

1.90 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2004
9:59 AM EST
Comedy - Original