Taipan 3000

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This NG classic has been around for a while, but it was NOT the first user-created NG game as many people seem to think in the reviews. It does have some significance as being the first game to have a front-page icon, but I repeat, was NOT the first NG game.


Cool idea, but very flawed

First, just wanted to say you can beat the game in the first 2 minutes. all ya have to do is kill 5 pirates and get enough $ for the money lender to lend to you. Then you get him to lend you in increments of $2000. you can do it as many times as you want, as long as you dont go past 2000. from there, get about 200 000 dollars, buy the best ship/best guns, attack the guy, and you win.

That aside, the trading aspect was very unclear. If someone is slowing exports to someone else, there could be a variety of reasons for it, and a variety of results from it.

I mean, because someone is slowing exports to someone else, it could be because the importer has enough of the product (hence he doesnt want to buy anymore, which would mean hes willing to pay much less for the product) or it could mean the exporter had too little of the product to export (hence the importer is willing to pay more for the product since his regular exporter has less to sell).

For this reason, it was impossible to tell what you meant by someone slowing an export to someone else.

Cool idea, but the very base idea for the game is flawed itself.

Preveous guy was a prick

This game was the best game i have played for some time. That other guy needs to take a FUCKING CILL PILL!

Cool game.

Old school but still good.


i am an expert on these kind of games... i have purchased 2 similar ones off the internet... but i have found several flaws in the game

the prices have to be completely balanced to go well in this sort of game...
this is why probably few people make them
i have found the ship repair prices are too high. at the start of the game you cant afford it at all. plus the cannon prices could be a bit lower.
also, if you want to borrow 2000, but you arent allowed you can just borrow 1000 twice... which should be sorted.
plus, more guns should be able to be stocked on the ships i believe. it would make the game alot more fun.

good luck

i enjoid it greatly!

That game was very fun and refreshing, not many other games out there are like this one...at all.
The only thing i didnt like ws that it was so hard to win lagit without playing for long periods of time.....and the fact that it was so hard to make money, other than that it was a kick ass game....good work.

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3.87 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2001
10:04 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily Feature April 19, 2001