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Taipan 3000

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This NG classic has been around for a while, but it was NOT the first user-created NG game as many people seem to think in the reviews. It does have some significance as being the first game to have a front-page icon, but I repeat, was NOT the first NG game.


Nice Port! [warning: contains spoilers]

// I remember spending hours on this on my friend's Apple in the 80's(*). Although I'd rather have seen the old style screen mode and graphics emulated just for that oldschool feel, I believe you did an amazing job capturing the feel of the old Taipan by Art Canfil. I started feeling especially nostalgic after beating the game and witnessing the congratulations screen with the absolutely wonderful bleep theme!

// On the strategy side, I don't think you succeeded quite as well as Porksoda's Dealer - Dopewars w/ Flash <http://www.newgrounds.com/por tal/frames.php?id=4164>, considering you still had some bugs left in the game. when these are corrected, we're talking about a true masterpiece.

// When it comes to sounds, I was also not very amused by the menu bleep, which is loud and also annoying. I noticed a lot of sonic distortion on the fight scenes, but this is rather a feature of Flash itself, trying to layer 10 gunshot voices on top of eachother when the mouse button is clicked too fast by the player. Perhaps you should try adding a one second mouse-click break after every shot so this wouldn't happen. It might have been nice to see a different background theme for each of the planets (perhaps even planet-inspired fighting bgm), thus adding to the interest in running around the universe.

// I'd rather have also the travel swooshing replaced by something less annoying. The fighting bgm, and the explosion effects were functional, and very entertaining, making the pirate fights a blast. Very nice!

// All in all, you have a few glitches, that take away from the top points. Otherwise, this is one of the most amusing games on Newgrounds. Mr. Fulp should be envious of your talent! Now, I'll just lay back and wait until some nice person ports Phantasie I (one of the first and best RPG's for PC) for newgrounds to use.

// I wonder how big that one might get, though. For reference, the original Taipan for Apple was 24Kb in size, this one is 647Kb. Monstrous :)

** Spoiler Warning: Bug Reports

// I didn't really feel the game was a challenge, after noticing a couple of easy pigholes in the code. After collecting enough money to by some trionium I could just by the trionium at New Terra (@ around 4000 credits), and then go swiftly to Avalon 12 to sell it all (@ around 6700 credits). I was able to escape all pirates except for one test game, where I tried dumping the cargo, then escaping, but the pirates followed me until I shut down the game, having chosen "dump cargo" and trying to escape straight after for about 20 times in a row.

// Mieng Kahn was not a challenge either, I noticed his request for money just grows depending on your cash, but you are never forced to pay. Refusing to pay, going to the bank to deposit all your credits, choosing "ship out", but instead of any other planet returning to New Terra straight away and then agreeing to pay Mieng Kahn (who is satisfied for nothing if you have no cash in your pocket) made the game a no contest victory on my cheating round. Granted, this is a tough fight unless you use cheap tricks, so I was especially fascinated (and thankful) by your save feature.

** End Bug Report

(*) I was forced to wait until '85 until I got my Turbo Majesty PC XT clone, running it's 4.77Mhz 8088 processor at ~7.5MHz on turbo. Hey, I was able to play David Braben's Elite on 286 settings :)

Its's an sweat game but.....

It dosn't save Right make passwords or get the save to word!!!!!!! Plese this game is sweat!!!!!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

The save does work, you need to have cookies enabled, wait for the message saying your game is saved, and it helps to clear your cache before trying to play again so it doesn't load old game data.

Right on!!

the only reason i dropped a few points in sound, was because of that horrible menu sound. it makes my ears bleed. and it's always about 20% louder than all the other sound effects.

but aside from that, this kicks ass.

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PsychoGoldfish responds:

Well since I don't want to be responsible for any aural hemeraging, I updated that sound to something more subtle... thanks


Great game, just do me a favor and get rid of that annoying noise whenever you move your mouse over a button!!

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Totally kickass!

I just spent the past three hours playing (and beating) this game. I think I'm up for another round. *runs back in to kick some more ass*

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3.87 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2001
10:04 AM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily Feature April 19, 2001