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hitchHiker: part Two

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Author Comments

This is how the story ends... watch with the lights off :)

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Whoever the old guy was, he must have been a good fella.

Very nice

so this was cool you have some really nice effects here I love the lighting effects like the lightning great art style here and some great characters this was a great movie scene you have my advice is make more of these secnes here very good work indeed.

make more like this.


This may be one of your lesser cartoons. Of course, at a 4.72, that's still very impressive! I really do like the idea of hitchhikers. We've all taken road trips in our lives. I really do look out and just see the miles and miles of no buildings at all. I picked up a hitchhiker at least once.

He seemed okay. I didn't know these older cartoons would use the new format. You know, with all of them saying how long it is? I like how differently these characters are drawn. I did not watch this with the lights off.

This is really good. Kudos

Smooth animation for such an old project of yours, really good story. Not sure how i would have handled that situation, that poor misunderstood biker. Reminds me of your other characters, your so inspiring as an animator... You know i am pretty sure i wrote a story with your essence in my mind maybe ill send it to you.

chluaid responds:

thanks! I'd be glad to read it some day