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Time Trials are back again. This first time trial was a fairly easy innovative concept just to get the ball rolling. It involved making color tribute toons to the Madness series that has become a staple of NG entertainment. So heres the 5 people that either stood out from the other 20 entries or simply followed the rules.

If you would like to participate in a time trial check the flash forum as a new one is started up every saturday.


krinkles would be proud...

this wa great, everyone did a great job...

livecorpse- had nice flow and everything, u sure dolike ure blood spray, and un-realistic of blood, that continues to fly everywhere...

freak-show7- this was great, this was probaly the best cause it actually added in the factor of adding color, everyone else jsut added in color without explaining nething...

poopmoose- this was great, this one probaly had the best graphics and flow to it, the color was awesome, and everything jsut lookd really smooth. the best was how u had the body count in heaven, but the guy shot that one guy after his stomach had been blown out...

seizure_dog- this one was probaly as far away from the concept of adding colorand madness, cause u added talking...but this one made me laugh the most especially the rabbit floating taht was ggreat, this one was still very humorous...it was also cool how u added the cross on everything, the best was how u added that everything in every movie on enwgrounds is somehow solved with a gun...and the sun exploding was like from madness avenger...

crazy_chiuahua- this was really funny, some of the animation was to slow though and didnt flow well, making it look really..uh...slow...yea...otehrwise good job, never imagined the guy with blonde hair and a flame shirt but w/e, nice music...

overall this was awesome...keep up the good work everyone...


Whoah, a NG TT on Madness? Wow, this is like heaven. That madness stuff is awesome and now there's more?? SWEET! NEWGROUNDS ROCKS!!!!

omfg its so funny

so funny hold ya bweth mista bunnay wabbit!!!!!

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can you make an easter egg??? well i love this 10/10


Good work guys! Looks like a lot of fun making these time trials. Maybe I should try too. LOL

Livecorpse: Definitely the most violent of the bunch, which suits it well since it has to do with Madness. Lots of blood and brains being splattered. This is supposed to be what happens when a Madness guy gets cancer? lol

Freak_Show7: This really emphasizes the subject of the collab, how these black and white characters suddenly change to color. The dancing part was funny, then it ended with the usual Madness style violence.

pOOpmOOs3: Good Madness action. Didn't really get the ending. Was that supposed to be Jesus or an angel going around killing some Madness ppl?

Seizure_Dog: Talking Madness guys, that was different. Shows what's on the mind of these guys, killing and more killing.

Crazy_Chihuahua: Probably the most original of them all because of the subject, how it was about a guy killing blockbuster employees cause he didn't want to pay the late fees. I liked how the clothing was not just a solid color, but had either a blockbuster logo on it, or the black with fire shirt outfit.

Livecorpse responds:

Well, thank you for your most helpful review, Violet. Also we are glad that you enjoyed the flash so much.

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2004
1:19 PM EST