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nightShift: a true story

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My dad has worked with many crazy, strange and funny people in his long farming career. One of them was an old guy named Jack... Old Jack was one of those guys who never retired, but worked right up until the day he died. He told stories every day, and one day he related to my father what had once happened to him when he was plowing on the night shift. He died many years ago now, but this little movie will ensure that one of his most regrettable moments will live forever.


Yet another amazing flash

I'm a great fan of you and your an amazing Flash Maker, Its cool that you make stories that are real, lol lets hope your other flashes like the yuyu isn't real or i'm scared! lol
Am amazed by all your flashes and hope to see a new one tooo!!!

(btw i gave the violence 10 because the poo seemed to hit him quite hard lol)



"Ahhhhhh shit on my neck " funny, so funny


I really liked that and the end was so funny.

OMG !!

Oh my god !!
What he well do now !
Poor men.

that was hilarious!

I watched all your movies at once, and I am very impressed. You have a great sense of a humor and talent. The way you drew the toilet paper and pooh on his neck... it was beautifully drawn. There's so many people who want to go into the movie industry who don't have what it takes. Your work shows that you could have a great career.

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Mar 26, 2004
5:56 AM EST