nightShift: a true story

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My dad has worked with many crazy, strange and funny people in his long farming career. One of them was an old guy named Jack... Old Jack was one of those guys who never retired, but worked right up until the day he died. He told stories every day, and one day he related to my father what had once happened to him when he was plowing on the night shift. He died many years ago now, but this little movie will ensure that one of his most regrettable moments will live forever.


Great presentation leading up to an unforgettable

climax...it was hilarious,well done,the athmosphere setting up the mood then it went an entirly different direction when he had to use the bathroom.The resulting unforseeable consequences is where the comedic genius erupts.

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A more modern version of the tale:

So there's this guys who had to go diarrhea and sprinted to bathroom, quickly pulled down his pants and did it...but he forgot to pull down his underwear!
yeah...i know...even grosser...

Made me laugh

That was pretty funny...especially when he screamed. A bit gross too.

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i acctually know how he managed to do that
i call it a uniform (or some sort) what he was wearing
it is a body suit its (pants and shirt together)
so he unzipped the upper part to pull it down but didnt take it all the way off, so he just pulled it down over his butt and layed it half down behind him

man that must have been the worst experience he ever had

R.I.P. jack hope u had a good life

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poor old Jack

I don't get how he actally managed to do that :-P

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Mar 26, 2004
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