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hi to all teh Piconjo fans. if j00 don't understand what this movie is about, I will enlighten j00. every once in a while I play Piconjo Tag with other artists on noogrounds, I send them a message and say "TAG!" and then send them teh .fla file and they have 5 minutes to add to the movie. the .fla eventually finds its way back to me (sometimes) and we have a Piconjo masterpiece.

OMG Piconjo saw Knox sucking off Legendary Frog! this is my best Piconjo movie so far (thats why its called "ultimate"). the controls was a hard piece of work so I hope you'll enjoy playing it :-) the game has 4 playable characters at the beginning and 2 secret characters to unlock. the movie features a password-saver so you don't have to start it all over again. *password bug fixed*



haha, that was great. Random shit is the shit.


I will get these gay toadie n00bz banned for there abusive reviews since i am a proud member of the anti toadies. These noobs are probly the ones getting us banned! Will u make a flash in honor of the anti toadies plz? If u do then more people will wanna be 1. Well if u dont know who they are there a bunch of piconjo fans who were under the leadership of piconjo_clock he made the orginization. Well what we do is give LF zeros and as u see his once no.2 flash FF tribute chocobo thing is now no.20! And we do much more then that we get the toadie n00bz that give joo bad reviews banned! They are ignorant faggot toadies who r in luv with legendaryfrog. Wade should have tehm banned! I will help u but plz read this review and make a flash about the anti toadies the orginization that protects u.(We dont got a website yet because Piconjo_Clock our leader was banned :( )

P.S Legendary Frog is a faggot!

P.S.S Piconjo pwns us all!

I just wasted my time viewing this

You sure you didnt do this tag all by yourself? and just sent it to yourself numerous times to throw this thing together? Look guy you have potential, but its all headed in the wrong direction. Of course i know this was a cut and paste put together, but dude it could have been so much better! I felt pitty for your shameless humor, homosexual desires, and your desperate crys of self enjoyment. In other words how did this tasteless entry ever make it without being blammed to bits?! So for the sake of you trying your best i give this entry a 1 das all you get, cause hey at least you tried!

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1 word cool..................ua did a good job

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1.38 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2004
5:49 AM EST
Comedy - Original