Wuthering Heights

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"This tale of human spirit has renewed my faith in animation" -Cecil Fennigan, The New York Standard

"One of the most inspiring pieces of literature becomes one of the most amazing animations... a true masterpiece!" -Hillary Flatbread, L.A. Banner



nah, the songs were funny, but nothing really moved, the characters just were going like statues to every corner.

Fart Disney? Last time I remember it was Walt.

Hence meaning that if you're going to make a joke about a world wide known thing, make it funny and not confusing.

Anyways, the animation needs improvement. Make their legs moving when they walk, and not seem like Peter Pan, because I never saw any indication that it was NeverLand (and if it did say it anywhere, I'd be scared).

Your choice of music suprised me. Zelda? Sure it fits, but lets keep The Legend of Zelda's music to it's domain of flash parodies and such. Anyways, it was hard to hear some of those people talk.

On the bright side, it was slightly ammusing although I don't see how you lead us on to a orphan, two people in love. Then on to hating each other. Then on to a almost endless song.


The graphics and animation needs some work, but there's something pretty different about this. The title "Wuthering Heights" does sound familiar, but I've never read the book or knew what the story was about. Anyways, I thought you still put some good effort into the songs, which were pretty funny to hear. Hope to see some more from you. Maybe some more classic stories turned into flash story parodies. :)

Loved it

Someone on Newgrounds... reading classic literature!?!?!?!? I'm astonished! I should just give you the 5 for that! Actually, having read the book, I really really enjoyed the parody. Keep it up!

Achhh!!! Mein leiben!!

(Ahhh!! My life!) Please no more singing...no more singing <sobbing, then crumpling to the ground>!!

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2.18 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2004
1:35 AM EST
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