S Hawking Musical Tribute

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Stephen Hawking may not be the first name that springs to mind when one thinks "musical", but when the music is about space exploration he's quite the singer. This is a must-see for all you Animutation fans. Also, if you click the link at the end of the credits, you'll see the bonus footage!


Has anyone ever told you that you are the greatest

flash movie artist on Newgrounds.com next to Neil Cicegera?

You rock!

A hilarious addition!

This is a very creative use of those otherwise crappy computer voice synthesizers. It's silly, it's poignant, and it's un-PC! What else could you want in a flash? I'm sure Stephen Hawking would be so very flattered at your touching tribute. One would almost shed a tear at those moments where Stephen's voice synthesizer struggles through a verse. As for the bonus material, I quote my sister as saying "corniest joke ever" ;)

No No Number

An overtly amusing idea which worked out fairly well in context. but not as much as previous works you've done.

The graphics were smooth and animation was fluid making it enjoyable to watch and sit through. The robot voice was fun to play with considering what it says in it's errorful context. The only thing was quite simply, it didn't have one memorable scene and the robot voice slows down the overall inane in your face type fluidity most flash animutations need.

Overall, a fun little flash that was funny, and had some fine moments.

That was odd.

I did not laugh and I think humor was what you were going for. Other then that I got bored watching. However I gave it an average score : |

TmsT responds:

Not just any humour, but parody. If you haven't seen the original or its descendents, then you're not my target audience. Thanks for taking the time to vote anyway though. |:


You seen Stewie do this on Family Guy? LOL That was the shit, nice job!

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3.76 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2004
10:07 PM EST
Music Video