S Hawking Musical Tribute

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Stephen Hawking may not be the first name that springs to mind when one thinks "musical", but when the music is about space exploration he's quite the singer. This is a must-see for all you Animutation fans. Also, if you click the link at the end of the credits, you'll see the bonus footage!


Must destroy Elton John........

I hate rocketman but still, REALLY COOL!

[insert summary of review here]

This is a great music video and animutation! :D Keep it up!

That's too short of a review... So let's define God, shall we?
Rather, let's look at what makes one a god!

First, to be a god, one must be a flash and humor genius!

Second, one must use sarcasm sometimes when responding to stupid reviews about one's movies on a site called Newgrounds.

Third, one must be great at animutation.

I think that God, and Andrew Kepple (hope I spelled that right) are clearly one and the same!

Wait... Does that mean that when I kneel down and ask God to help TmsT to release another masterpiece, I'm actually asking TmsT???


Nice thought graphics could've been better

Nice thought graphics could've been better, reminds me of
mchawking . com and few animations they have here


That was fun. I've read some books about his theories and he's a great man. But this was lot's of fun :)

That was just wrong.

But, it was also friggin hilarious. This is just too funny for words. I used to love the Power Speech programs.

*CAUTION* You might want to have an open sense of humor before you watch this. Otherwise, you'll probably be writing some kind of dumbass 'it's not nice to make fun of him' entry which everyone is just gonna laugh at you about. So, I'm giving you fair warning.

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Mar 25, 2004
10:07 PM EST
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