S Hawking Musical Tribute

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Stephen Hawking may not be the first name that springs to mind when one thinks "musical", but when the music is about space exploration he's quite the singer. This is a must-see for all you Animutation fans. Also, if you click the link at the end of the credits, you'll see the bonus footage!



Hahahaha....we're watching videos of his in school...this is amazing.

Go you Bionicle Genius go!

Godd ol steven hawkings the bionic freak lol oh man l o l


How dare you not put his out sooner!!! that was the funniest rendition of rocket man since Stewie from family guy did a rip off of william shatner singing it. keep up the funny!!!

TmsT responds:

Oh shush. I only came up with the idea for the music less than a week ago. You should be happy! Happy as a happy thing that isn't unhappy! Yeah I've seen Stewie's parody of William Shatner's parody of it too.


my first thought when i saw the movie was 'lets blam this sucker'. however, it surpassed my expectations immensely. ah, at last, a decent use of the computer voice.

there were 2 things i liked most about the movie: first, the fact that you synced up the computer voice and the music, and in some places at least, it had a melody... i think...

secondly, it was rather touching. *sniff* well, actually, you found a creative, entirely unexpected, and utterly hilarious thing to turn into a bunch of jokes. poor steven...

the only thing that could really have been improved is if you found some better pictures. i mean, the graphics were mostly pretty bad. alot of good, and you were pretty resourceful with the pictures you got, but still. a little better quality was probably possible.

you get... (drumroll...) 5 out of 5! keep it up!

TmsT responds:

If I have perhaps softened your view on animutations with crappy low-quality (sacrificed in the name of filesize!) pictures a little, then it's all worthwhile. ^_^

I didn't like it too much

This wasn't really something that I enjoyed very much. The graphics weren't all that great, and although making fun of Steven Hawking is pretty funny, it's not really hilarious. So...not bad, but it could have been better.

TmsT responds:

Goodness me! I wasn't making fun of Stephen Hawking, I was making fun of Elton John and William Shatner! I would NEVER make fun of a disabled person, let alone a scientific genius! How dare you. For shame.

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Mar 25, 2004
10:07 PM EST
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