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Ballistix Prequel

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Author Comments

Mar 25 '04:
Here is the infamous Ballistix series that is being made. This is a little story flashback, if you will. In the series, the fights will be more intense and the story shall unfold!

Mar 28 '04:
I've started on the first episode. Previews are available on the website and I already have some ideas for the second episode to out-do the first, already. This preview WILL make sense in the future..

Apr 09 '04:
The first episode is now released!

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Not bad at all.

I like the Kirby-ish characters you've selected. Nice work. Not rough at all, nice and smooth. However it could have gone a bit longer, with more camera angles. Still, nice work.

Nice concept but no deaths

Deaths in fighting scenes is important! When that happens, you'll know who loses and who doesn't. I see your trying to create a series out of this.. the story is a little low... their should be more explination into it. One more thing, I noticed the white was a female and the black was a male... when did atoms have genders? The female seemed to kick ass.. now I know your probably a female without looking at your profile. Good luck on your series.


I guess thats a good start... you've got mucho potential!! Anyways I gave you a 9 on style because I can see that forming a good plot.


Hey, good movie, douche bag.

You claimed, "the WHOLE universe is made of atoms." While that might get you a lollipop in primary school, it's fucking wrong. I can understand your being uneducated, but there is no need to broadcast your ignorance worldwide.

What's light, dumbass? Is it atoms? Is it part of the universe, stupid? I could stop right there, but I won't. I'm going to enlighten you upside your head.

There are numerous things in the universe that are not atoms, that it, in fact, is "made of." There are protons, nuetrons, electrons, gluons, meson, quarks, gravitons, leptons, hadrons, pions, positrons, bosons, muons, nuetrinos, and a whole fuckload of other shit. You know what characteristic each of those shares? Each one is not a damn atom, and it makes up the universe.

Another thing, there's something all atoms have in common: they're not elementary particles. There are things classified "elementary particles," and they're not "atoms." They're smaller than atoms. In fact, they're what atoms are made of.

It's not like this is cutting edge fucking science. Scientists have known about subatomic particles for over a century. Since the God damn 1800s, they have known, and you're just finding out. Man, what a stupid douche bag you are.

Good movie, very nicely animated. It was smooth.

shadowstormz responds:

Hey, whoa...I'm sorry. I made this in, like, the 8th grade! I'm still in highschool.. :P Don't worry, I've stopped the series...


make more make more!

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2004
9:12 PM EST