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FRG III pt. 2 (Season1)

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Ok, this is part two, i made fun of alot of newgrounds "celebrities", i respect them all, and i know they are much better than me at flash, and its all in good fun, so don't review saying "Knox will kick your ass" or w/e, about 8 minutes long, enjoy


The sound quality needs much improvment.

It's a good flash with great humor but the sound was annoying when people yelled. Oh yeah Knox was a little creepy.


that was exellent.the grapics wernt great but thats not realy the point of this movie is it. it was terribly funny thoe

HEy cool i get to write a review right after KNOX

:P i am so happy lol. But anyways, the graphics were bad but it was funny. Lol i think wade would hate u if he saw this.

frontrow responds:

haha, i hope he doesnt see it :P


That was alright, but the voice volume was horribly balenced. One character had a really low recorded voice, so I turned my speakers up, only to be blasted by the loudness of the other guy.
Graphics were decent, but the pace was a little slow.
You really should have put in LegendaryFrog though, he's one of the bigger NG celebs.
Oh, and just because I haven't sumbited a flash, that doesnt mean I can't critisize. I can still see quality without having to be an animator.

This has got to be the dumbest piece of crap...EVE

This has GOT to be the worst satirical lump of 0's and 1's I ever had the pleasure of turning off as Luis interviews the moron to drink acid. Maybe I need to make a movie before I judge, but come on. What's the stiry on "the lawya"? Do you know this man? Poor little kids...making really bad jokes. And this Jew grounds Crap? Please let this be satire.... so I can change my vote to a 2.

Now we've ALL wasted too much time on this.

frontrow responds:

little kid, dont call me that, im older than u, i bet your some gay little 13 year old, trying to be cool, by calling me little kid, fuck you

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Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2004
5:44 PM EST
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